On the Road with Technology Rich Lessons

Today and tomorrow, Martha Bogart and Stephanie Madlinger are on the road- teaching our Creating Technology-Rich Lessons to Increase Student Achievement class onsite in Alton, Illinois.

Here are some the activities the educators will take part in over the next two days:

• Learning easy to use Internet search strategies for you and your students
• Finding lesson plans and classroom projects on the Web to use or modify
• Storing websites in a free location on the web
• Creating lists and/or search engines of approved websites for students
• Understanding the “grammar” of the web
• Creating quizzes online
• Putting together assignments that require students to use technology
• Locating scoring guide templates for technology projects and create your own rubric online

If you are interested in scheduling any kind of instructional technology training in your building, contact Martha or Stephanie. Of course, educators are welcome to come here to CSD as well- our fall/winter/spring classes will be posted in the next couple of weeks!

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