Using SMART Products in Your Classroom

In today’s Creating SMART Board Lessons to Engage and Motivate Students (Level 2 Training), class participants are becoming adept at creating recordings of SMART Board work for future playback! They will be finding out how to use the video player that comes with the SMART Board to annotate videos as well as learning how to attach audio files to objects on the SMART Board. SMART Certified Trainer Martha Bogart is going to show her class how to find hundreds of Notebook files that have already been created for use on the SMART Board.

And, coming up in two weeks is our new Classroom Instruction that Works: Applying Researched-Based Strategies Using SMART Products.  Are you familiar with the nine McREL (Marzano) strategies, but aren’t exactly sure how you can use them with technology? Do you have a SMART Board, but feel you are not using it to full advantage? Come see ideas for using these SMART products in your classroom and be compliant in using the McRel strategies at the same time. Martha will discuss each of the classroom instruction strategies in depth and show you how you can use your SMART Board, SMART Response system, SMART Ideas software, SMART document camera and SMART Slate in conjunction with them. Participants will walk away with concrete ideas! Graduated credit is also available for both classes. To learn more, or to register, visit this link.

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