VLC Spotlight: Nancy George

For just over one year, Nancy George has been Director of the Virtual Learning Center for the Cooperating School Districts (CSD) of Greater St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to accepting that position, Nancy was an Instructional Technology Program Coordinator and Program Manager for the Midwest Education Technology Conference (METC).

She first became involved with education technology in 1987 and began teaching the potential of the Internet as a classroom resource prior to the introduction of the Mosaic web browser in the early 90s. Since then, Nancy has become a Certified SMART trainer and is completing requirements for a certification as a Promethean trainer. Nancy is an eMINTS PD4ETS trainer. With this background, she works to improve teachers’ and administrators’ knowledge, skill level, and comfort level with all aspects of technology and help them accept the fact of life – students will always know more about technology than adults.

As the Director of the VLC, Nancy’s responsibilities include coordinating, supervising and evaluating instructional technology professional development workshops & seminars; exploring the latest technologies to determine their uses in K-12 classrooms; and investigating, planning, designing and overseeing implementation of new programs, while still working with METC.

At home, technology takes a back seat to other interests such as hiking, flower gardening and landscaping, biking, exercising and playing with the family golden retriever, Tallie and their golden doodle, Mamie.

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