2011 METC Speakers Archive Up Until August 1

Please join in on the METC 2011 Virtual Conference by going to METCconference.org. Keynote and Featured Speaker presentations were streamed live at the Midwest Education Technology Conference last February, and will be archived and available for free viewing until August 1, 2011.

Tuesday, February 15th:
Keynote Presentation The Kids Need Us-and-Technology
by Rushton Hurley (second from right photo)
I’m Leading, is Anyone Following? by Howie DiBlasi
Living on the Future Edge by Lee Crockett
Tammy’s Favorite Technology Tips, Tricks, and Tools
by Tammy Worcester (photo on right)
Teaching “Wired” Learners by Kevin Honeycutt (photo on left)

Wednesday, February 16th:
Copyright Clarity: Remix & Fair Use in Education by Renee Hobbs
Gadget A-Go-Go: Fabulous Freebies, Great Gadgets, Tasty Tools & Sweet Sites that Go the Distance! by Gwyneth Ann Jones
Featured Speaker Panel: Student Publishing and Remixing: Keeping It Safe & Legal with Renee Hobbs, Gwyneth Ann Jones, Rushton Hurley, and Torrence Temple
Paperless Classroom for Under $100 by Torrence Temple (second from left photo)

Thanks again to IDSolutions for recording and archiving these sessions.

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