Support Staff Academy Mini-Conference a Success!

Last week, Virtual Learning Center staff Martha Bogart, Nancy George and Stephanie Madlinger presented at the Support Staff Academy Mini- Conference. The Mini-Conference, a program of Cooperating School Districts, is the last event each year for SSA. (In 2012, by the way, the Mini-Conferences takes place Wednesday, June 6th).

Karen Vaughan works with the SSA to get quality PD every year. Karen shared these pictures and some feedback she got on the program, which included:

  • “… found out that Google had more to offer than I knew…. very good presenter.”
  • “Great information! [I] will be able to use this info daily.”
  • “I love to hear [keynote] Dr. [Debra] Peppers, she always comes very prepared and engages her audience.”
  • “[We got] very knowledgeable-clear explanations, learned a lot from Brian Bax on retirement…”
  • “Learned useful information to manage interruptions at work!”

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