2011 Teacher’s Favorite Awards from Berrien RESA

In the spring of 2011, Berrien RESA hosted Teacher’s Favorite Awards to select the Best Content Providers for the 2010-2011 school year.

Berrien RESA has been listing content providers’ programs since 2000. As the most comprehensive database of videoconference content providers, it has been used nationally since 2002 and sponsored by Polycom since 2003. The Teachers’ Favorite Awards program started in 2006 and runs annually in May.

To see the complete list of winning content providers, click on the ribbon. Below are some of the St. Louis area’s favorite videoconference content providers who made the list!

Best Space Science Museums & Organizations includes NASA Digital Learning Network; Best Science Museums and Organizations includes LearnNCO; Best Art Museums & Organizations includes Center for Puppetry Arts; and Best War Museums & Organizations  includes The National WWII Museum.

The winners were decided by educators who took part in voting this spring; this year there were 445 votes from 29 U.S. states, plus the United Kingdom and Australia. Highest voting states were New York, Ohio, and Texas.

(remember that they sponsor the Berrien RESA-Polycom VC Content Providers Database) randomly awarded prizes to the people who participated in survey and provided their contact information. I think you may recognize one of the names on this list….!

  • Amanda Lewis, Abbotsleigh Junior School, Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
  • Elisabeth Miller, North Royalton Middle School, North Royalton, OH
  • Judy Kuhns, Spring-Ford Area School District, Royersford, PA
  • Stephanie Madlinger, Cooperating School Districts’ Virtual Learning Center, St. Louis, MO
  • Patsi Magara, CABOCES , Portville Elementary School, Portville, NY
  • Wendy Watson, Stewart County Middle School, Dover, TN

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