Google Earthlings


Do you want to connect your students to the “real world?” Interested in taking a trip but can’t afford it? How about a virtual field trip? These educators came to CSD today and found out exactly how Google Earth and Google Maps fit the needs of their curriculum.  They discovered how to make your own Google Trips by creating a Google Earth (KMZ) lesson. They explored KMZ lessons and learned how to effectively search for just the right one. In this professional development experience, our class discovered with Google Certified Teacher Stephanie Madlinger the importance of Google Earth and Maps and how to effectively use them in the classroom to support STEM. This group traveled the world and beyond- this class perhaps should have been called Google Mars with the trips taken by Stephanie’s group (one participant described one of her sites as the “dark side of the moon”)! What was your favorite part of the class?

3 thoughts on “Google Earthlings

  1. We had a great time learning and exploring the Earth, the Moon & the Stars! Mrs. Frizzle, the Queen of England, Mizzou and even Jack Cousteau would have been proud of my explorers! I can’t wait to teach the next group of adventurous teachers!

  2. It was great to be a Google Earthling for a day! Stephanie was great and showed us a ton of ways we can use Google Earth / Maps in the classroom. She showed us that there are more than just Social Studies lessons that you can use Google Earth / Maps for. By creating KMZ files, students can create virtual field trips and bring the books they read to life. With Google Earth’s layers and 3D imaging it really felt like I was in the streets of Chicago or looking up at the Eiffel Tower.

  3. I had a great day of exploring the world from the comfort of the TELE Lab at CSD. It was great to learn the many ways that Google Earth and Google Maps can be integrated into the classroom to enhance student learning and creativity. Stephanie’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the class fun and engaging. During the class, we had a lot of hands-on time to explore the different features of Google Earth. One of my favorites parts was being able to explore the streets of Ancient Rome and Buckingham Palace in 3D…what a better way to discuss the Roman Government and society in class than to experience it in an interactive 3D Model.

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