Civil War Classroom Resources

In 2011, we’re recognizing the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War.  Did you know that on this day in 1861,  General Beauregard takes command of Confederate forces in northern Virginia? You can learn about that and other Civil War trivia at

You can also get information to your students by participating in an interactive videoconference on the Civil War. Several content providers offer a variety of programming on the conflict. For example, I found these three on a recent search at

Civil War Medicine: During this exciting lesson, students will meet and interact with a battlefield nurse from the Civil War. In 1863, little was known about the causes, cures, and spread of diseases. Participants will play a “Truth or Hogwash” game throughout the program.
The Civil War: Using primary sources, images and objects from the Albany Institute’s collection, students will be introduced to a major conflict in American History, the Civil War. The students will look into what life was like for soldiers and citizens.
Civil War Spies: This interactive electronic fieldtrip challenges students to use critical thinking, decision-making, and questioning strategies as they explore spying and espionage during the Civil War. Did you know that the best spies of the era were women? Women were considered harmless, and perhaps they took advantage of that assumption…

1 thought on “Civil War Classroom Resources

  1. The secession of Tennessee occured in June,1861 by popular vote-150 years ago. Tenn was the last state to join the new COnfederacy and the first, a few years later, to formally rejoin the Union. COnsider this an invitation to visit my site. I am a longtime US history buff and CW enthusaist.

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