NETS•T in the tele

According to ISTE, “[w]idely adopted and recognized in the United States, and increasingly adopted in countries worldwide, the NETS integrate educational technology standards across all educational curricula. While most educational standards apply to a specific content area, the NETS are not subject-matter specific, but rather a compendium of skills required for students to be competitive and successful in a global and digital world.

The NETS address learning and teaching across entire educational systems and at all student levels.

The NETS are used for technology planning and curriculum development across primary and secondary school settings.

The NETS transform how students learn and how teachers teach.”

All of the Virtual Learning Center’s tele (that’s technology enhanced learning environment) classes fall under NETS•T: The skills and knowledge educators need to change the way they teach, the way they work, and the way they learn in an increasingly connected global and digital society.

You can find this summer’s tele classes by clicking on the yellow, orange and red brochure icon in the sidebar. If you’d like a paper copy of the summer tele class schedule mailed to you, email CSD and request one.

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