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learn how to use distance learning technology tools

New Links for Your Classroom with Videoconferencing & Skype: Find out how to take your students anywhere in the world to connect with experts and collaborate with other students- all without leaving your classroom! You can make these connections using distance learning technology tools like Skype and curriculum videoconferencing.

In this workshop taught by New Links Program Coordinator Rebecca Morrison (above), you will have the chance to learn how using videoconferencing and Skype fits easily into your existing programs of study. Come learn how to find, design, and participate in virtual field trips and collaborative projects. These lessons promote higher order thinking skills, increase motivation and create fantastic collaborations. Participants will:

· Be introduced to videoconferencing and to CSD’s distance learning program, New Links
· Compare & contrast videoconferencing and Skype for your classroom
· Set up a free Skype account and practice using it by adding contacts, setting privacy settings and looking into
· Learn how to find content for both videoconferences and Skype connections
· Connect to content providers for videoconference demonstrations
· Design virtual field trips or collaborative projects by visiting websites like

This tele one-day workshop takes place June 8 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
$149 CSD member; $189 non-member  (One Graduate Credit Available)

Register online here.


Apple Recycling Program for Education

From Apple In Education

Apple will recycle your school’s old, unwanted Mac computers, PCs, and qualifying peripherals from any manufacturer — for free.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need to register by September 2, 2011. You must recycle a minimum of 25 items in order to participate.

Apple will accept all brands of the following equipment: computers, monitors, laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners, desktop-size copy machines, CD drives, hard drives, TVs, VCRs, projectors, overhead projectors, networking equipment, cables, keyboards, and mice.

Leveraging the Apple Recycling Program for Education ensures that your retired equipment will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, with special consideration given to data security:

  • All recycled hard drives are ground into confetti-size pieces.
  • Customers receive a certificate of destruction for each lot recycled through the program.
  • All asset tags and other identifying information are destroyed.
  • All of the electronic waste collected through the program is processed in North America.

For more detailed information including packing instructions,

Prezi, Pixie, Share, Oh My!

New this summer, the Virtual Learning Center’s tele is offering three, half-day tele workshops for just $74 each. Register for any tele class here.

On June 13th, come to Cooperating School Districts and learning about Tech4Learning’s Pixie 3 in the morning and dig into Share during the afternoon. You’ll leave with door prizes and software for each class you take! Pixie 3 is 8:30-11:30 and Share is 12:30-3:30.

BYOL for Tech4Learning

In the morning, learn how to work with student to create cross curricular projects in both print and digital formats and collaborate with their peers using Pixie 3! There is a new look and feel to Pixie3. So bring your questions, projects  and lesson plans and get ready to address: State Standards, 21st Century Skills, Differentiated Instruction, RTI and much more! You’ll learn how  easily you can convert your existing Pixie projects to Pixie 3, and learn how to use all of Pixie 3′s new features – including multi-page projects and real-time collaboration, new tools and functionality.
More about Pixie 3
* Multiple-page projects – just what teachers have been asking for
* Realtime project collaboration – Students in same subnet work on projects collaboratively
* Free rotation of text bubbles
* Search NetTrekker for images (requires NetTrekker subscription)
* Multiple publishing options including PDF export
* Publishing to a safe environment available with maintenance

During the afternoon, learn how Share is an amazing 21st Century Authoring tool. Share makes it easy to create interactive presentations, PDF and FlashR files, and web sites. You will learn how to access templates for design and productivity. Integrating  technology into your curriculum will be engaging and fun. Join us to brainstorm and collaborate to address Curricular Objectives and then, put the technology to work for you. Whether you have wanted to learn how to create portfolios, webpages, brochures or create path animation, this workshop is for you. Engage, Create and Share.
More about Share

* ePortfolios
* Templates for design, productivity and creativity
* Integration of Pics4Learning
* Gradients
* Path Animation
* Publishing to a safe environment available with maintenance

teachers in the tele

The following day, we invite you to come learn the basics of Prezi in the tele and leave with your own fabulous online presentation! This class takes place June 14th from 8:30 a.m. to 12.  Learn how to utilize this application for classroom use in Using Prezi to Create Zooming Presentations. Prezi is a web-based presentation application & storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides. Text, images, videos and other objects are placed on the infinite canvas and grouped together in frames. The canvas allows users to create non-linear presentations, where users can zoom in and out of a visual map. A path through different objects and frames can be defined, representing the order of the information to be presented. Prezi can be developed in a browser window, and then downloaded so that an Internet connection is not needed when sharing it. (It costs $74 for a CSD member and $94 for a non-member). Register for any tele class here.

New Online ACT Prep Option for St. Louis area students

princeton review logoIn addition to our ACT Prep interactive videoconference course, New Links will now be offering online test prep for public, private and parochial schools within Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis. The online test prep includes ACT PSAT and SAT, which comes with two options: Online and Live Online. These classes are taught by the experts at The Princeton Review!

Online classes are self-paced by the participating student and cover approximately 30-40 hours of time. The account is active for 200 days.

Live Online classes can be customized to students’ needs. Live Online classes last 18 hours; they can run six sessions with three hours/block, or run nine sessions with 2 hours/block. During Live Online classes, students interact with an instructor who leads them through the curriculum.

These classes can run up to $599. Through Cooperating School Districts* (click on comments section for more information), you get the same Princeton Review classes for a greatly discounted rate:

· Online class through CSD will cost a student just $125

· Live Online class through CSD will cost a student just $150

For more complete details on these online courses from The Princeton Review and Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis, contact New Links Program Coordinator Rebecca Morrison. Look for more information on future college prep offerings from The Princeton Review and CSD later this summer!