Show-Me Your Creativity Added to CSD Digital Storytelling Contest!

As teased in a previous blog post, we’re making some changes to the annual Show-Me A Movie digital storytelling contest. Show-Me a Movie categories are now as follows:

  • NEW! Show-Me Your Creativity: Convey a message (informational or persuasive) using music, drawings, digital photos, and/or clay models.
  • Show-Me Something New: Make an instructional or how-to movie.
  • Show-Me a Story: Tell a story about someone special, your school, your community.
  • Show-Me a Challenge: Share local environmental concerns and social issues, which promote awareness and public action.
  • Show-Me Your Community: Recount an aspect of your community/ethnic culture that is unique, significant, promotes a message, and advances a better understanding of it.

Divisions remain elementary, middle school and high school. This contest is open for Missouri students. Revised rules (including changes in the submission process) will be posted this summer for the 2011 contest on Cooperating School Districts’ website. If you have questions, contact Show-Me Movie Program Manager Rebecca Morrison. We look forward to seeing what your students submit!

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