Rockin’ Rockets & More from Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis this Summer

He’s our favorite astro’not’! Commander Robert Powell from the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis was here yesterday talking to crews in Arizona about the Body in Space. New Links has two more programs scheduled for Robert this spring, one with a local school- Hancock Place Elementary- and another with a school in New York. Like author Amy Sklansky (see previous post), Robert has jetted back and forth across the country this year, talking with students all over the United States via videoconference.

For those of you stationed in St. Louis, you should know the the Challenger Learning Center here has summer camp for students. (Prices and times vary, so check out their website).

One-day camps include:
Astro-Tots for students entering 1st–3rd grades; on June 7 OR June 14
Robotic Rovers for students entering 4-8th grades; on June 9 OR June 16
Rockin’ Rockets for students 10 years-old and up; on June 8 OR June 15

Week-long camps include:
Astronaut Training Camp for students entering 4–8th grades; Session 1: June 20 – June 24 and Session 2: June 27 – July 1
Advanced Astronaut Training Camp* for students entering 4th-8th grades (must be at least 10 years old by first day of camp); Session 1: July 11 – 15 and Session 2: July 18 – 22
Young Astronauts for students having completed 3rd or 4th grade; from July 25 – 29
Aquatic Roboticsfor students 12 years-old and up; Session 1: July 25 – 29 (now full); Session 2 June 27 – July 1

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