An Author Going the Distance!

The 2010-2011 school year wraps up author Amy E. Sklansky’s third year as a content provider for CSD’s award-winning New Links program. Amy’s videoconferences are for elementary students and include themes of poetry and science. She’s “traveled” all across the country, connecting to classrooms for her author visits. Today is connected with students for Inside a Poet’s Mind. To read more about her offerings, click here. Thanks, Amy, for another great year of distance learning programs!

1 thought on “An Author Going the Distance!

  1. I like to tell students that one of the reasons I like poetry is that you can write a poem anywhere and anytime. Videoconferences have the same flexibility. How great is it to pop into classrooms in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Missouri all in the same week? (Let me tell you: I did it this spring, and it’s really great!)

    Here’s to another year of cooking books, performing eggs-periments, and sharing one poet’s view of the wonderful world of poetry. Cheers!

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