Barri Bumgarner Connects

Author Barri Bumgarner prepares for her Crime Scene Analysis creative writing videoconference this afternoon. She connected with a high school in Tennessee. Barri videoconferences live from Cooperating School Districts as part of our New Links distance learning program. To read some feedback from one teacher on Barri’s past programs, click on the comments section of this post.

1 thought on “Barri Bumgarner Connects

  1. One past participant shared:

    How do you feel student learning was impacted for those who participated in this program?
    All of my students were definitely engaged in this program. My class is a Career Success type class, but we are trying to integrate our class with our English teachers, so the creative writing aspect of this videoconference was perfect! The writing, paraphrasing, summarizing, communication aspect was very good.

    Would you recommend this program to others? Yes
    Why or why not? The author was great! She kept the students engaged and interested in what would be next.

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