Archived 2011 METC Sessions Available Until August

The following METC 2011  sessions are still available as video on-demandat no cost!

•  The Kids Need Us –and– Technology  and  Hordes of Free Tools from a Google Certified Teacher from keynote Rushton Hurley
•  I’m Leading, Is Anyone Following? from Howie DiBlasi
•  Living on the Future Edge from keynote Lee Crockett
•  Tammy’s Favorite Technology Tips from Tammy Worcester
•  Teaching “Wired” Learners from Kevin Honeycutt
•  8-Track Tapes, Covered Wagons & Textbooks: There is a Better Way from Scott Kinney
•  Copyright Clarity: Remix & Fair Use in Education from Renee Hobbs
•  Gadget A-Go-Go: Fabulous Freebies, Great Gadgets, Tasty Tools, & Sweet Sites that Go the Distance! from Gwyneth Ann Jones
•  Paperless Classroom for Under $100 from Torrence Temple
  Student Publishing & Remixing: Keeping it Safe & Legal Panel Discussion with Renee Hobbs, Gwyneth Ann Jones & Rushton Hurley

A special thanks to Chris Hayes at IDSolutions for archiving these Midwest Education Technology Conference presentations. They will be available until August 2011. METC is a program of the Virtual Learning Center of Cooperating School Districts. Following the conference on Twitter at @metc_csd.

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