VLC @ SSA for TechPD

The Support Staff Academy Mini-Conference will be June 8.
Here’s what you’ll find from the Virtual Learning Center at SSA:

Presenter: Stephanie Madlinger, Program Coordinator & Technology Instructor, School Districts’ Virtual Learning Center, St. Louis, MO

Save Time Collecting Information with Google Forms
If you need to collect data, create surveys, or build a spreadsheet of information & chart it, this session is for you. Google Forms allows you to create simple forms to be used in collecting and collating information. With a simple click of a button you can have a chart or graph of your data to be shared with parents or the school board. In this hands-on session we will create an online version of the sample questionnaire or survey you bring. You can email it or share the entire form on your website today. In order to leave with a completed form, participants must have a Google Account or Gmail set up prior to this session.

Social Networking 101: Building Safe Online Relationships
A social network site allows people who share interests to build a ‘trusted’ network/ online community. A social network site will usually provide various ways for users to interact, such as IM (chat/ instant messaging), email, video sharing, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups, etc. Most contain libraries/ directories of some categories, such as former classmates, old work colleagues, and so on (like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). These social networking sites provide a means to connect with friends and develop professional relationships by allowing users to create a detailed profile page. You’ll learn how to be safe while building safe online relationships.

Organize & Access Your Favorite Bookmarks Anytime, Anywhere
Online books allow you to access your favorite bookmarks anytime, anywhere. In this hands-on session we will create an iKeepBookmarks account so that you can use your favorite bookmarks at work, home or even on the road. iKeepBookmarks.com allows you to upload, and keep, your bookmarks on the web for free. You can access them at any time, anywhere, from any computer! Participants will also learn how to share your favorite webpages with friends and associates. Participants may want to bring your own laptop to upload your favorites and access your favorite bookmarks today!

Presenter: Martha Bogart, Program Coordinator & Technology Instructor, School Districts’ Virtual Learning Center, St. Louis, MO

See What Skype Can Do For You!
Learn exactly what Skype is and how communicating with Skype can save you and your employer money! Skype is jam-packed and bursting with cool stuff that makes it easier, more fun and useful to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Martha will help you set up a free account, explain the entire process, and connect to fellow classmates during this session.

Presenter: Nancy George, Director, Cooperating School Districts’ Virtual Learning Center, St. Louis, MO

Designing Effective & Fun Presentations
PowerPoint presentations have matured.  Gone should be presentations adapted from transparencies aka “let’s give them lots of text.” Sleek presentations are in; the ones you really want to sit through and don’t doze off. Learn the simple, little secrets to transform a text heavy slideshow into an appealing one that people will remember. Really, it’s easy! Come and have fun while learning.

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