Pixie 3 Makes its Debut @ CSD – “Share” the Excitement

Two NEW! tele Tech4Learning classes have been scheduled for June 13 at Cooperating School Districts!

In the morning, learn how to work with student to create cross curricular projects in both print and digital formats and collaborate with their peers using Pixie 3! There is a new look and feel to Pixie3. So bring your questions, projects  and lesson plans and get ready to address: State Standards, 21st Century Skills, Differentiated Instruction, RTI and much more! You’ll learn how  easily you can convert your existing Pixie projects to Pixie 3, and learn how to use all of Pixie 3’s new features – including multi-page projects and real time collaboration, new tools and functionality.

During the afternoon, learn how Share is an amazing 21st Century Authoring tool. Share makes it easy to create interactive presentations, PDF and FlashR files, and web sites. You will learn how to access templates for design and productivity. Integrating  technology into your curriculum will be engaging and fun. Join us to brainstorm and collaborate to address Curricular Objectives and then, put the technology to work for you. Whether you have wanted to learn how to create portfolios, webpages, brochures or create path animation, this workshop is for you. Engage, Create and Share.

Think about attending both and stay for an entire day of learning! Each session costs just $74 (member and nonmembers alike!) and it includes the software being discussed. For less than $150, you can get a full day of Learning on Pixie 3 and Share, plus get to take the software home with you! Registration will open soon on our website, CSD.org!

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