News from Students Rebuild on Paper Cranes for Japan

In March, I blogged about an art project Students Rebuild was putting together so young people could help their peers in Japan. It looks like students and their teachers have really responded to this project! Students Rebuild was requesting students to fold paper cranes. Why? Cranes are sacred creatures in Japanese culture. According to legend, anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. The cranes sent into Students Rebuild will be woven into an art installation – a symbolic gift from students around the globe to Japanese youth…

This info below is directly from the Students Rebuild website on their efforts to support Japan in the midst of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Here are updates, news, and requests- please read carefully, as today has a deadline for part of the Paper Cranes  program-

4/13: We’ve received paper cranes from 49 of the 50 United States! (Anyone folding cranes in Mississippi??) Also, at least 19 countries mailed cranes to date!

4/11: Wow, you are incredible! Catching up on last weekend’s mail, we blew past our goal of 100,000 paper cranes! I wonder how many we’ll get by the April 15 deadline? While the donation has been triggered ($200,000 for Japan!), we know many more are in the mail. Don’t worry—cranes postmarked by the 4/15 deadline will live on as an amazing piece of art…  how many do you think we’ll have by Friday’s deadline?

4/4: Postmark your cranes by *APRIL 15* Since we’re welcoming dozens of packages & parcels a day (too many to count!), we’re making it official: please mail in your cranes (postmarked) by Fri., April 15! We’ll continue to post updates as they flock in, so check out our homepage crane-counter for the latest.

4/1: Mark your boxes with a crane count: Please help us speed up the crane-counting by labeling the number of origami cranes on each package you send our way. Our dedicated volunteers send their appreciation!

Students Rebuild is an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation. The Virtual Learning Center learned about it from Global Nomads Group, one of our favorite videoconference content providers.

1 thought on “News from Students Rebuild on Paper Cranes for Japan

  1. Upon visiting the website today, here’s the latest news I came across:

    4/15: We’ve received paper cranes from all 50 United States! (Way to go, Jackson, Mississippi, for closing the gap!) Also, at least 20 countries mailed cranes to date!

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