Reusing a Blog Post

I was clicking through old blog posts this morning and came across this one I wrote just shy of two years ago. Since the information is still relevant, I decided to reuse it. Of course, usage of Skype has only grown in the last couple of years, too. New Links members, let me know what I can do to help your class continue its path on going green! Here we go:

it’s so easy to be green (at school) Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Posted by Rebecca Morrison in Classroom Technology, Collaboration, Distance Learning, Videoconferencing.
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What’s a great way in your class to save $ome green and to be green at once? K-12 videoconferences! What’s the financial cost of planning an off site field trip? You have to schedule a time and date with the location that fits both of your schedules, you have to print off permission slips for parents, book a district bus, plus make lunch accommodations for your class. Don’t forget chaperones. That’s a lot of work- and money (and environmental impact).

With a videoconference, on the other hand, you have to move your students or a piece of videoconference equipment into a room and connect the day of the program. Yes, beforehand, teachers must do some planning, but the day of the vc, unlike a field trip, you won’t be counting heads… all… day… long. And with a distance learning program, in one hour, you can take your students anywhere in the world!

Please skim this blog to see all the different opportunities out there for K-12 classroom videoconferencing- collaborations, special events, virtual field trips.

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