Inside the Artist’s Studio: Building Blocks of Jazz VC

Acrylic on canvas painting by artist Steve Johnson

What makes Jazz music “jazz?” For this new interactive videoconference, HECTV Live! explores that question with a rhythm section of bass, piano and drums. Learn about the nature of each instrument and its role in the ensemble. Consider the concepts of technique, theme and improvisation. Ask your questions of professional musicians as they talk about their instrument and demonstrate jazz techniques. Ask about training, instrumentation and building a career as a professional musician.

Learn about the cultural significance of jazz and enjoy the music! Cost for the program is FREE. This program is for students in 6-12th grades.

Featured National Standards (Music Education):
• Content Standard 6 – Listening to, analyzing and describing music
• Content Standard 7 – Evaluating music and music performances
• Content Standard 8 – Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts
• Content Standard 9 – Understanding music in relation to history and culture

Inside the Artist’s Studio: Building Blocks of Jazz is April 19th at 10 am CT or 1 pm CT. Register no later than April 13th.

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