Earth Day is One Month Away!

recycling on Flickr

What kind of lessons do you devote to Earth Day in your classroom?

There are many options out there- here a couple videoconference opportunities for you to consider:

• This presentation is a virtual field trip of Burritt on the Mountain: A Living Museum in Huntsville, Alabama on Monte Sano Mountain. Dr. Burritt, a homeopathic physician, was a pioneer of “green” construction and sustainable living. Students will discuss Dr. Burritt, as a homeopathic physician, a conservationist, and how he incorporated durable, salvaged, recycled and sustainably harvested materials for the construction of his home. This vc is for grades 5-10, is upon request, and costs $125 per session.

• Satellites are giving humans access to information with a whole new perspective and ease. Today Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has many uses from studying global warming trends, to the US Census, to law enforcement. While examining America’s first satellite Explorer, investigate how satellites and Earth observation play a role in your every day life! This vc, Seeing the World in a Whole New Way, is for grades 6-12, is upon request, and costs $185 per session.

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