Videoconferences on Earthquakes Available

After the recent tragedies in New Zealand and Japan, if you want to help further explain what an earthquake actually is to your students, consider one of the following interactive videoconferences:

Earthquakes and Volcanoes from LEARNnco: Earthquakes and Volcanoes have been “shaking and baking” the Earth since the beginning of the planet. Students will be learning about the movement of the Earth’s techtonic plates and how these movements affect Earthquake occurrences and volcano formation. They will be participating in several hands-on experiments using materials supplied by LEARNNco.
Extraordinary Earth from Ocean Institute: A variety of forces work together to both create and destroy the surface of the Earth. Earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis can all have a dramatic affect on both the biotic and abiotic components of the planet. The mechanisms that drive these phenomena are barely understood and the focus of intense monitoring and research.
Are We Standing on Solid Ground? from Boonshoft Museum of Discovery: How do scientists learn about the center of the earth if we’ve never been there? Students will find out as they explore interior structures, plate tectonics and the forces behind the formation of landforms. Using models, activities, and simulations your students will get their hands dirty and their minds challenged.

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