National Poetry Month is in April

National Poetry Month is just a few weeks away! One great way to recognize the art form in your elementary classroom is by participating in author Amy Sklansky’s Inside a Poet’s Mind interactive videoconference. Amy gives elementary students in grades second through fifth a peek inside the mind of a poet in this one hour videoconference.

Sharing poems from her own books, (the latest is You Are My Little Cupcake), Amy discusses the various places a poet finds inspiration and a few of the many forms poetry can take. Next, she uses PowerPoint slides to model a process for writing a poem, and then encourages students to use the same process to write a poem on their own during the videoconference. Finally, Amy gives examples of the ways a poet may revise her work – emphasizing concepts such as word choice, line breaks, action verbs, and punctuation. Student volunteers are invited to share their work aloud. The main objective of this program is for students in second through fifth grade to gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of poetry. (If a second grade teacher would like to participate, the program would be shortened to 45 minutes and would not include the writing time for students).

New Links members pay $155, nonmembers pay $195. Contact Rebecca Morrison if you’d like to sign up for this great, interactive lesson!

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