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Monthly Archives: February 2011

New Links to New Learning is pleased to announce the return of one of our favorite authors, James Otis Thach.  James will be live at Cooperating School Districts on April 20th to participate in four videoconferences!

James will read from his books, The Seal Pup and The Tickle Monster is Coming.  He will talk about the heroic seal that inspired The Seal Pup, the making of a book, and will share some related videos.  James was raised in Clayton, Missouri, and attended Glenridge Elementary. It is wonderful that James takes time during his visits home to share his work with students (& teachers)! In addition, each participating teacher will receive a complimentary hardback copy of The Seal Pup.

On April 20th, James will have the following free videoconferences:

•  9:15-10:00 a.m. CT:  James talks about The Seal Pup and The Tickle Monster is Coming for K-2 students;  limit 3 interactive sites (JUST VIEW ONLY AVAILABLE NOW)
•  10:30-11:30 a.m. CT:  James discusses The Seal Pup for upper elementary & middle school students;  limit 4 interactive sites (JUST VIEW ONLY AVAILABLE NOW)
•  1-2:00 p.m. CT:  James discusses The Seal Pup for upper elementary & middle school students;  limit 4 interactive sites (JUST VIEW ONLY AVAILABLE NOW)
•  2:30-3:15 p.m. CT:  James talks about The Seal Pup and The Tickle Monster is Coming for K-2 students;  limit 3 interactive sites (JUST VIEW ONLY AVAILABLE NOW)

Registration begins tomorrow, March 1st with Rebecca Morrison. MOREnet will bridge the videoconferences. To read about past author visits brought to classrooms by New Links to New Learning, click here.

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We’ve got some news on Patricia McKissack‘s upcoming videoconference writing series! To learn more about this Creative Writing – Science Fiction interactive program, please click here and visit Pat’s blog, Can You Imagine? Registration is now open and closes April 1st.

Join HEC-TV Live! via videoconference from the theater at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in St. Louis for excerpts performed from Ballet Eclectica’s “The Little Dancer” on March 15th. Register with for this interactive distance learning program.

This original story ballet features an artist who would like to fulfill the dream of Degas’ model for The Little Dancer, aged fourteen. The actual model, Marie, was never able to reach her dream to become a famous ballerina and perform all over the world. The artist in our story gives Marie the chance to accomplish her goal by painting her as a dancer into other art masterpieces from America – letting her “dance within” these works of art. The ensemble dancers are arranged by the Painter into a single unified work of art- bringing together harmoniously the forms of dance, art, and music.

Have your students experience the thrill of live dance performance in many styles including traditional ballet as well as modern and contemporary dance. Let them see American works of art come to life through dance. Have your students ask questions of the dancers and choreographers and find out what it’s like to be a student of dance.

HEC-TV Live! Presents Inside the Artist’s Studio: The Little Dancer
Date:  March 15, 2011
Times: 10 to 11:00 a.m. CDT or to 2:00 p.m. CDT
Grade Levels: Morning Program grades 3-8, Afternoon program grades 6-12

The morning program is targeted to students in grades 3-8 while the afternoon program is targeted to students in grades 6-12.  The morning program is designed to give students an appreciation for dance and the artistic works displayed, to see the thrill of dance and the integration of the arts, to pique their curiosity about dance, and learn more about the satisfaction of reaching a goal through the hard work that goes into such a performance. The afternoon program will continue the above ideas and also give students an opportunity to explore the type of dance utilized in the program and the concept of choreography. We’ll also explore the concept of “story” to see how it is created through art, music and dance.

About the Dance Company
Ballet Eclectica, is one of two companies that train and rehearse at COCA. Founded in August 2005, its mission is to augment the educational opportunities and expand training to include public performances for ballet students at COCA. More information about COCA and Ballet Eclectica can be found at

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It’s been a busy week here in the Virtual Learning Center Take a look…

…. at just a few pictures of what took place this week- a SMART Board class in the TELE, the ITEF grant meeting, the Ritenour ITEA, plus the Best Practices Conferences Martha presented at on Thursday. March is looking as busy, too!

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We are thrilled to spill the beans that St. Louis native and author James Otis Thach will be returning to Cooperating School Districts in April to conduct a handful of videoconferences for elementary and middle school students.  More details will be posted next week here on The Wired Classroom, so be sure to check back to learn when James will be in town and which books he’ll be discussing during his videoconferences through New Links to New Learning!

To read more about his past visits to CSD, please click here.

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Today Nancy taught a SMART Board class in the Technology Enhanced Learning Environment (TELE). To see all of our offerings, visit: Nancy, Martha and Stephanie will be meeting soon to put together the summer TELE schedule- look out for it!

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an artist @ work (Flickr Creative Commons)

On March 8, HEC-TV Live! invites you to join them for “Inside the Artist’s Studio: Metals and Woods.”

This interactive videoconference will give your students a chance to talk with an artist in his studio as he creates a finished piece in his chosen medium. As you’ll see in the information below, our morning program will feature woodworking artist Matt Keim, and our afternoon program will feature metals artist Robert Longyear. More details including related curriculum standards and learning activities can be found at the CILC web exhibit for the program. Interactive & View Only videoconference slots are available for the program. You may enroll by contacting HEC-TV Live! at or calling 314-531-4455. Once enrolled, teachers will receive the program’s preparatory and evaluation materials. Register by March 3rd.

Go inside the artist’s studio at Craft Alliance in St. Louis as your students interact with metals artist Robert Longyear or woodworking artist Matt Keim.  Students will be able to interact with the artist as each creates a new piece.  They’ll be able to ask their questions about how the design is created, what tools are used and why, and see the final piece created.  We’ll explore the big questions:  Where do ideas for art come from? How is inspiration transformed into a piece of art?  How are metals and woods used to create works of art?  What techniques are available for the metals and woodworking artist?  If a student or two from your school has a metal or woodworked piece they’d like to share with the artist and discuss the processes they used to create it, please let us know.  The artists would welcome the opportunity to respond to student work.  Cost for the program is FREE.

The morning program will have students interacting with woodworking artist Matt Keim. The afternoon program will have students interacting with metals artist Robert Longyear.  More information about Matt Keim and examples of his works can be found at his website,  More information about Robert Longyear and examples of his works can be found at his website,

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