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2010 Show-Me a Movie Update

Nearly 100 movies were submitted to Cooperating School Districts for the 2010 Show-Me a Movie digital storytelling contest! As always, the middle school division has the most entries. The movies have been sorted (by elementary, middle and high school) and categorized (Show Me Your Community, Show Me Something New, Show Me a Challenge, Show Me a Story) and will be ready for judging at the beginning of 2011. The winners will be announced mid-January and then showcased mid-February at the Midwest Education Technology Conference (METC).


From Page to Stage: HEC-TV Live! Presents The Giver

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Times: 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Central Time

Grade Levels:  5-10


The Giver: From Page to Stage,” this free, interactive videoconference will give your students a chance to talk in depth with the director, designers, actors, and technical staff from Metro Theater Company on how they are translating the world of Lois Lowry’s novel to the stage for their upcoming production at Edison Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri. Lois Lowry’s Newbery Medal winning novel The Giver continues to be read and loved by thousands of young people each year.

In this final of a series of four HEC-TV Live! programs focusing on the novel (image above is from the third in the series- click it to watch!), students will have the unique opportunity to join us live from the stage of the Edison Theatre on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis where Eric Coble’s adaptation is being staged.  See the set. View a scene from the production.  How do you adapt the timeless story of The Giver to be “seen by an audience” rather than “imagined by a reader?”  How do you take a world without color and music from the page to the stage?  Meet director Carol North and members of the design team to discuss how the show came to life from the first phase of design to the final phase of implementation.  View the lights, the costumes, and the scenery.  Ask your questions of actors about how they formulated and performed their character.  How would you choose to illustrate the themes of the story through a stage design and directorial point of view?  Compare your ideas to those of the Metro Theater Company and Edison Theatre staff staging this new production.

You may enroll by contacting or calling 314-531-4455. Once enrolled, teachers will receive the program’s preparatory and evaluation materials. Please register by December 22, 2010: provide your school name, teacher name, tech contact name, email, phone and IP address.

Weather Videoconferences

Well, it’s not quite as cold here in St. Louis as it was earlier this week, but the ice arrived and most of our school districts are not in session today. Since I didn’t get a snow day of my own, I decided to compile a short list of weather-related videoconferences for K-12 classrooms.

* Extreme Weather Observations from Mount Washington Observatory: What exactly is a meteorologist and how do they make a forecast? Forget the suits and ties – enter the exciting world of our mountaintop crew! Find out who these intrepid scientists are, how they collect data, what kind of data they collect, and how they translate the data into information we can use. Grades 4-12.

* Weather from LEARNnco: Weather sciences examines the weather and meteorology using five group explorations covering air pressure, clouds, water cycle, seasons, and lightning. Grades K-2.

* Weather Watch from COSI Columbus: Work with COSI’s Storm Spotter to learn how changes in air pressure and temperature can affect the weather. Students will take and use readings from barometers and thermometers to help them predict basic weather patterns. They will also explore air pressure using everyday objects and understand why changes in weather often occur around cold and warm fronts. Grades 4-7.

Healthy Kids | Healthy Classrooms: Body Image in Youth

Today Stephanie Margolis, RD, LD of BJC School Outreach and Development spoke to Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Missouri, and Buffalo Seminary in western New York via videoconference about body image as part of Healthy Kids | Healthy Classrooms.

She discussed several topics, but focused on negative body image (where someone has a distorted perception of her shape) and positive body image (where someone has a clear, true perception of her shape). Stephanie also discussed differences between boys and girls when it comes to body image. In addition, she covered ways to create a kind culture in classrooms, stressing healthy lifestyles and taking a critical look at media messages.