Search N Stuff: Exploring Google & Even More Apps

Save time and become more efficient! In this full day workshop, participants will learn advanced search techniques, develop a custom search, and discover easier ways to find images, resources and websites you want.  You will discover how to develop your own online calendar to access anytime, anywhere. Find time to read books, blogs and other helpful resources by creating an RSS feed to your favorites. Then discover Even More Apps!  These applications are the hidden treasure of Google. Do you know about Wonder Wheel, Alerts, Sketchup and Picasa? Learn shortcuts around the many Even More Apps.

We will also spend the day learning about Google Labs and explore this “technology playground.” Through this full day of learning, participants will be empowered by creating their own Custom Search Engine, understand the power of Google’s Online Calendar and be introduced to Even More Applications.

Brought to you by 3 of Missouri’s Google Certified Teachers, this class is a full day of instruction and learning. It will introduce participants to innovative ways Google tools can be used in education. Bring your own laptop to discover Google’s potential to drive student learning and Google’s online community focused on supporting educators.  All participants must bring their own laptop with wireless Internet capabilities.

This class is July 15 from  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Cost: $149 CSD member; $189 non-member
(One Graduate Credit Available)

2 thoughts on “Search N Stuff: Exploring Google & Even More Apps

  1. Participants will come away with great ideas for both personal and professional uses of Google, not to mention some cool Google stuff too! Be sure to check out all the tele classes this summer.

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