Kazoos & Poetry Collections!

Amy Sklansky, one of our most popular content providers, and has written several books, including “a sweet and zany story of friendships lost and found” – The Duck Who Played the Kazoo. Today during her free videoconference for New Links to New Learning members, Amy read her story to students… and played kazoo, too!! There was a brief question and answer session between the author and the participating schools: Fairmount Elementary in the Francis Howell School District and Hanna Woods in the Parkway School District.

Amy has conducted several videoconferences this year at Cooperating School Districts in St. Louis, Missouri, including Egg-speriments, Cooking a Book, and Inside a Poet’s Mind. She had the pleasure of visiting one of the schools she frequently videoconferences with, Independence Elementary, and was gifted with a book of student poetry!

Look for Amy to return to CSD next fall to offer more of her videoconferences!


3 thoughts on “Kazoos & Poetry Collections!

  1. All of our students at Fairmount (two 1st grade classes and two K classes) enjoyed Amy’s videoconference very much. They all seemed very attentive. Our first grade students, especially, loved the kazoo playing! Thank you very much for providing our students with this opportunity. I will forward this email to the teachers involved so they can add their comments.

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