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Analyze This: Creative Writing Workshop

Barri Bumgarner’s ‘crime scene analysis’ distance learning program with the author (and former teacher)  focuses on a writing exercise designed to be creative, deductive, and interactive. This writing workshop videoconference is for 8-12 grades. Students will see a portion of an episode of CSI. After viewing the initial “crime scene footage,” each writer will play investigator through a variety of interviews. Once they conducted each of their interviews, students will then write their version of what happened.

The videoconference is available Friday, May 7, 2010. Space is still open, but please sign up by April 30. The videoconference is $200 for New Links to New Learning members and $250 for nonmembers. The cost of this vc is now just $150 for New Links to New Learning members and $200 for nonmembers. Videotaping/recording this videoconference is not allowed. There are two, 1 hour sessions available (all times Central Daylight Time): 8:30 a.m. for 9-12th graders (high school) and 10 a.m. for 8th graders  (middle school). Register here.


More Teacher Timesavers!

The revamped tele class schedule in its entirety will be released soon! But here’s what’s up first from the Virtual Learning Center this summer:

More Teacher Timesavers: FREE Online Resources on June 1 & 3, from  8:30 a.m.  to 3:30 p.m both days. Extend your online resource library at this fast-paced two-day workshop. Make your life as a teacher easier– learn how to access resources such as lesson plans, rubric makers, interactive websites, online quizzes, Internet bookmark storage, etc., all for free online!  Why spend time recreating the wheel when someone else has already done it for you?  You’ll be amazed how many online tools, tutorials & lessons are out there for you to use. Take the time during this class to explore the wealth of online resources available for teachers and come away with tips and techniques to make your life easier. This class is $279 for CSD members and $349 for non-members. In addition, for an extra fee,  two graduate credits are available.

CSD connects to DC

Today Cooperating School Districts connected via H323 videoconferencing to Senator Claire McCaskill‘s (D) office in Washington D.C. to discuss the reauthorization of the federal Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  CSD Executive Director John Urkevich and St. Louis area superintendents were in attendance and had a dialog with Jackie Stewart and Corey Dukes of Senator McCaskill’s office.

Some topics of discussion during the interactive videoconference included:

  • ESEA is a one-size-fits-all model at the moment, and the administration would like legislation to be changed to be flexible for all districts of all levels
  • The administration wants to increase the funding of ESEA by $3 billion
  • The hope is that the reauthorization happens this year, since the health care reform has now passed. They are hopeful that there is time to pass ESEA, too.

In addition, Dukes discussed that the health care reform included federal student aid reform as well. According to Dukes, the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act cuts out private banks and private loan companies so that the program is now just controlled by the federal government. As a result, Pell Grant program will be extended by $40 billion and will now save current students from getting cuts next school year.

MOREnet bridged the event. Also, thanks to Megan Moncure for providing information for this blog post.

The Princeton Review ACT VC Prep Classes (Grades 10-12)

Princeton Review ACT Prep Classes Through 20 hours of instruction over interactive videoconference, students learn concepts and skills to master the ACT, including revolutionary test-taking techniques and tactics specific to each section of the test, all from an instructor from The Princeton Review. Three real ACT practice tests afford students the opportunity to practice what they learn and track their improvement during the five week vc course. A computer-generated analysis of each practice test provides detailed information identifying strengths & weaknesses, allowing students & teachers to focus on the areas where students need to improve.

The registration deadline for this interactive h323 videoconference course is Tuesday, August 31. Late registration run through September 13. If you register by the end of business on August 31, the course costs $140. If you register between September 1 through 13, the prices raises to $190 for the Fall 2010 ACT prep class. This is not an online learning course.

Classes run 3:30 – 5:30 PM Central
Tuesday, Sept. 21 | Thursday, Sept. 23
Tuesday, Sept. 28 | Thursday, Sept. 30
Tuesday, Oct. 5 | Thursday, Oct. 7
Tuesday, Oct. 12 | Thursday, Oct. 14
Tuesday, Oct. 19 | Thursday, Oct. 21

Saturday tests (*which are not over videoconference) run 9:00 AM.
Questions?  Contact Cooperating School Districts.

Holocaust Survivors and Artists Videoconference

High school teachers, here’s a videoconference being offered by University Circle Interactive Cleveland that you will definitely want to consider participating in: 1945: Witnesses to War – Holocaust Survivors and Artists. Here’s a program description:

The Temple Museum of Religious Art recently acquired a collection of 45 Holocaust Wall Hangings by artist Judith Weinshall Liberman that visually depict historic maps, scenes and philosophic concepts regarding the history of the Holocaust. The first connection is a presentation featuring the Holocaust Wall Hangings. The students explore the creative process, interpretation, and explore how an artist honors historical memory.

The second connection is a conversation with a Holocaust survivor describing their experiences during World War II. Both lessons analyze how history is interpreted by examining historic documents, eyewitness accounts from Holocaust survivors and shared artistic interpretations of the artist’s works.

There are set dates and times for this videoconference- starting April 14, running through May 18. This is a two part videoconference and each videoconference is planned to be 45 – 60 minutes. The total cost for the program is $250. Click here to learn more.