A Spooktacular Good Time!

Amy Sklansky Jack o’ lantern,
Jack o’ light.
Jack o’ darkness,
Jack o’ night.

“Thrillsome, shocking, bewitching — Halloween!  It’s the only night of the year when a being can truly be . . . itself! But Halloween’s not just for goblins. Read along and see for yourself as bats, witches, daring adventurers, even ordinary kids (especially ordinary kids) come out for tricks and treats. Spooky fun poems and winning hand-beaded illustrations perfectly capture the spirit of this much-loved holiday…”

Today author Amy Sklansky connected with a group of second graders at Castlio Elementary in the Francis Howell School District Halloween Witchfor her videoconference Inside a Poet’s Mind. Today’s program had a Halloween focus, with Amy working exclusively from her book, Skeleton Bones and Goblin Groans (illustrated by Karen Dismukes).

To learn how you can connect your class to one of Amy’s fabulous videoconferences, visit the New Links website on http://csd.org.

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