GNG Innovations Programs

Flickr Creative Commons - aussiegallINNOVATIONS PROGRAMS: New virtual multi-part field programs, such as virtual science expeditions and on-going international student exchange programs. Students meet once a week through a period of time. For more information on these programs or any other videoconferences offered by Global Nomads Group, visit:

TITLE: Inventing the Future
THEMES: Earth Science; Environment and Climate Change; Global Development; Sustainable Communities
DATES: September-December (meets once every other week)
Global Nomads Group has teamed up with the Cloud Institute to challenge students to become future leaders of a sustainable global community.  Students will learn to become active citizens, responding to some of the gravest environmental perils facing our future. Students from across North America will gather together with experts every other week via live videoconferences to discuss the multifaceted concepts of “community” and “citizenship.”

TITLE: Cool Careers: Monthly Spotlight
THEMES: Global Development
DATES: September- December (meets once a month)
Ever wondered who creates your favorite ice cream flavor?  Or who designs your favorite hoodie? Who dreams up the storyline for the latest box office hit?  Or who feeds the tigers after the zoo is closed to the public?  GNG will go off the beaten path of the typical 9-5 desk job and look into unique careers for students to explore.

TITLE: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Virtual Science Shipboard Expedition: Exploring Global Sea Change Levels
THEMES: Earth Science; Environment and Climate Change
DATES: November-December (meets weekly)
In November 2009, an international team of scientists will spend two months at sea aboard the IODP research drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution collecting and analyzing geological data to investigate the history of global sea level change over the last 30 million years.  GNG has partnered with IODP to bring science “virtually” alive into your classroom!  Every week for a total of six sessions in this INNOVATIONS series, students will connect live with a schoolteacher from working with the scientists on the ship to discuss a different topic relating to global sea change.

TITLE: International Education Week: Creating a Vision for a Better Future
THEMES: Environment and Climate Change; Sustainable Communities
DATES: November
2008 proved to demonstrate the power of democracy, the impact of change, or the lack thereof in our society.  Around the world – from Ghana’s presidential election, to the political violence in Zimbabwe, to the U.S. Presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain – youth around the world witnessed the role of citizens and government in shaping their respective futures.  Youth will have the opportunity to compare and contrast their visions, how to achieve a better future, and how they can work together as global citizens towards a more interconnected world.

TITLE: Celebrations Heard around the World
THEMES: Arts, Culture and Media; Faith and Society; Global Development
DATES: December
NEW Project-Based Learning Lesson Plan for K-5
In partnership with the Buck Institute for Education, leaders in project-based learning methodology and pedagogy, GNG introduces a new videoconference program for grades K-5. Students will work in groups to research and explore a selected country’s unique festivals, traditions, or folk tales that are celebrated, then compare and contrast them with their own family traditions.

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