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Support Staff Academy’s Miniconference Coming Soon

Dorothy planning conferencesSupport Staff Academy Mini-Conference is coming up on Wednesday, June 10. Dorothy White (at left) is the Conference Director for CSD. In addition to working on the annual Midwest Education Technology Conference and the Character Education Conference, she puts together all the SSA sessions.

ssaThe Mini-Conference is a day packed with resources,  speakers, and fun. The day consists of a keynote speaker, 15+ breakout session to choose with a variety of topics, crumpets and coffee in the morning, lunch, attendance prizes* and exhibitors*.

This year’s SSA will be held at Maryville University from 7:30 to 4:00. Judith Collins, Ph.D. and Affiliate Professor at Saint Louis University is the keynote. Her topic will be Heroic Leadership: 4 Principals for Transforming your Life.

Other topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Learning to Keep Your District Out of Trouble! Keeping Secrets & Liability Issues
  • Long Term Strategies for Stress Management
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Microsoft Office Basics 2007

If you have questions about the event, please visit the website or contact Dorothy White.

* visit the comments section to see complete lists


web 2.0Here’s a Web 2.0 tools and applications index for you to check out (and possibly be overwhelmed by):

If you mouse over the application icon, a short description of the tool pops up, for example, TweetPhoto is “Photosharing Made Simple” and Mixcloud suggests you “Re-think Radio.”

There is a wealth of Web 2.0 information at this site. You can search by tag, read the blog… have fun!

VLC’s tele classes this summer

tele class tele class tele class

We are offering a large selection of instructional technology professional development this summer at Cooperating School Districts. The classes are housed in our newly updated tele (technology enhanced learning environment). Here’s a random sampling of what you and your colleagues can sign up for:

  • Online “Street Smarts:” Being Legal, Literate, and Secure
  • Wiki Your Way to a Classroom Website
  • Google Academy: Search, Learn, Share!
  • Promoting Student Inquiry Using WebQuests
  • Classroom Projects Using Digital Photography
  • Beginning and Intermediate Moodle Training

Summer School Videoconferences Available

Conspirator's photostream | "School's out for Summer!"As the 2008-2009 school year wraps up, I want to remind readers that interactive H323 videoconferences for K-12 students are available year-round! If you are part of a summer school program, consider connecting to some content providers during the day. New Links to New Learning members, contact me for options & ideas!