Thumbs Up to Downtown Aquarium Houston

April 7, 2009
Downtown Aquarium
Houston, TX

Dear Ashley and Rebecca,

central-kids-2Thank you so much for both the exciting videoconferences we did with you today on African Animals! Both the first and the second grade classes thoroughly enjoyed the program and loved meeting the animals! They did some prep work and discussions prior to the conference and also brought toy animals with them that would be found in either the Savannah or Rain Forest. Afterward, they did a “post” activity and sorted animal crackers by habitat – which they loved! (Thank you for suggesting the activity!)central-kids-3

Included [are] a couple photos taken during each videoconference.

Deb House
Central Elementary
Francis Howell School District

1 thought on “Thumbs Up to Downtown Aquarium Houston

  1. Dear Ashley and Rebecca,
    Thank you for allowing my class to learn more about the regions in Africa. My students learned quite a bit in our prior studies – it was nice to see their ability to recall during the session.
    The class really enjoyed the drama of layers found in the savannah and rain forest.

    Thank you,
    Mrs Renee Hasty
    Central Elementary
    St.Charles, MO

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