Mission Accomplished!

April 2 VC Today Robert Powell connected to Lafayette High School in the Rockwood School District to talk about The Body in Space. This videoconference is usually for younger children, but can be adapted for high school students.

Robert reported the interactive videoconference went very well- immediately, the students had questions about how astronauts live and work while in orbit (including the question Robert says he always gets: how do they go to the bathroom? The answer… carefully. It takes training beforehand!).

In a couple weeks, Challenger Learning Center St. Louis connects again to Lafayette with other classes to discuss The Body in Space and The Day in the Life of an Astronaut. As with today’s program, communication will take place between the school and content provider to make sure curriculum goals are met. We’re really looking forward to the connection! If you want to connect your class to a Challenger Learning Center St. Louis videoconference, contact Rebecca Morrison at CSD.

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