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What is Collaborations Around the Planet?

capspaceI’ve referenced CAPSpace before, but I haven’t talked about it too much in detail. According to Polycom, “Polycom Collaboration Around the Planet – CAPspace is a professional K-20 network and global directory that enables educators with access to video conferencing technology to enhance their curriculum, connect with colleagues and peers, and expand the reach of their classroom globally with live, interactive learning experiences.

Polycom CAPspace is a free directory that is open to all educators that use videoconferencing technology. It provides access to over 4,000 professionals and an unlimited number of lessons throughout the year that educators can integrate into their  curriculum. From the CAPspace site, educators can search, identify and request participation in special projects, classes and workshops or provide a listing of the lessons they would like to share worldwide.

The program is sponsored by Polycom and hosted by Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education Michigan’s video conferencing organization for education. TWICE promotes and supports collaborative connections for the benefit of all students.” The URL for CAPSpace is:


Classroom Wiki PD

computersWant to create a class website where you can post daily assignments and pictures and upload documents for parents and students to download, but don’t have the time?  Wikis were designed for you!  Wiki Your Way to a Classroom Website will be July 8 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Cooperating School Districts‘ tele. Come learn how to use this free, Web 2.0 tool to create quick websites that contain everything you are dreaming of.  In no time at all, you will have a robust website that you will be proud of and others will be impressed with.  Learn the uses and benefits of using wikis and see several examples of how they are being used in education. Participants will create their own wikis using pbwiki (a free Internet-based service) and learn wiki basics such as setting one up, adding pages, inserting links, uploading files, inserting images and adding tables.  Walk away with your own website in less time than you ever thought.  “Wiki” means “quick” in Hawaiian, and they truly are! ($138 CSD member; $214 non-member | One Graduate Credit Available)

Author Answers: Where Do Chicks Come From?


COMING UP! Eggs-periments Videoconference with New Links to New Learning Author Visit Amy E. Sklansky

Amy E. Sklansky has written five picture books including  Where Do Chicks Come From? This book, part of the well-respected Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science series, explains what happens inside an egg from fertilization through hatching.

“Neither flowery nor clinical, Sklansky’s straightforward presentation hits just the right note for young children, who will find the details of life inside the egg fascinating.”  – Booklist

Using visuals in a highly interactive videoconference session, Amy outlines various stages of writing the book — research, revisions, artist’s sketches, etc. Student questions are encouraged! The 45-minute chick coverprogram for K-2, but can be geared toward an older audience… please limit the number of participating students to no more than 30 children.

For first and second grade classes, Amy will also lead several hands-on eggs-periments while teachers do the same in their own classrooms with their own eggs. To read more about this videoconference, click here.

Amy videoconferences live from her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, from Cooperating School Districts.

Cost: New Links to New Learning members, $135 | nonmembers, $175
Dates: May 12 | 3 site limit/ videoconference
Times: Kindergarten v/c starts @ 9:30 | 1st-2nd grade v/c starts @ 10:45 CDT

March Madness!

State Ed Tech Meeting SMARTies
It has been a busy Friday morning here in the Virtual Learning Center! Carolyn Lesser had a videoconference (which got rave reviews from the school!), Stacey taught a beginning SMART Board class in the tele, and Martha and Ruth connected to videoconference with other Missouri technology educators. (And I was running around, checking the vc connections [plus another one, off site] and taking photos!)