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METC Photo Essay

Ruth Block, Martha Bogart precon METC precon Chris O'Neal SLU presentation @ METC Show Me a Movie prizes METC video
Here are just a few of the images from METC 2009! The Midwest Education Technology Conference will return in February of 2010. Thanks to all who presented, attended, and facilitated.


precon snapshots

Cooperating School Districts held two Midwest Education Technology Conference precons today- Cyber Safety with Glenn Berry and Second Life with Stacey Franks. To see more pics of METC, visit our Flickr group.

Cyber Safey Precon Second Life Precon

METC Precons All over St. Louis!

METC Second Life PreconThe Midwest Education Technology Conference starts today with over a dozen preconference sessions throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Topics include Second Life, Moodle, Cyber Safety, Digital Camera & Photo Editing,  and Digital Storytelling. To follow what’s going on with METC (whether you can make it there or not), visit

Face to Faith Videoconference Pilot Announced

GNGNEWS FROM GLOBAL NOMADS GROUP: Face to Faith (is a partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation) and offers young people the chance to explore their own identities and that of others in relation to their faith. These Global Nomad Group videoconferences aim to increase students’ religious literacy while improving the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration and cooperative learning.

Face to Faith offers schools & communities a unique opportunity to explore faith from an individual and local perspective through to a global outlook by connecting young people from different cultures and faiths. Tony Blair Faith Foundation logo

Grade Level: Advanced students ages 13-16 | Related subjects: World History, Geography, Religious Studies, Social Studies | Cost: Free from January to March (pilot phase)

Since October 2008, GNG has connected nearly 800 students from Canada, India, Singapore, and the USA in videoconferences that explore how Faith impacts the everyday life and culture of youth today. Through January and March, Face to Faith will be offered as a free pilot program to help build dialogue among youth around the world and encourage personal reflection, collaboration and awareness. Sign up for GNG’s new program: Face to Faith, in partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.”

For more information or to register for this program, please contact Christine Robinson, or visit!