The Bad Plus Equals One Good Videoconference

The Bad Plus performs (Jerroen, Flickr)
The Bad Plus performs

What does it mean to be a professional musician? How do you put a music group together and stay together? What are the struggles, the excitements, the ups, the downs? What’s the process used to compose your own music and to create unique cover versions of other musicians’ work? How do you determine what techniques and instrumentation work best? Join The Bad Plus on January 9, 2009 at 1 PM CST as they perform samples of their unique style of jazz music live from St. Louis, Missouri! Explore the creative process of composition and performance. Consider the concepts of technique, theme and improvisation. Ask about training, instrumentation and building a career as a professional musician. Learn about the cultural significance of jazz and enjoy the music! Cost for this RoundTrips videoconference is free. Register by January 2 at

Learning objectives for this videoconference from RoundTrips are:
1. The participant will explore the nature of the creative process and how to apply that process to their interests in music and other aspects of their life.
2. The participant will learn about techniques and instrumentation used in jazz music and hear and see examples of those techniques and instrumentations in practice.
3. The participant will gain a greater understanding of the impact and influence of jazz music in American culture and what it means to be a professional jazz musician.


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