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Monthly Archives: November 2008

METC Advisory Committee

Multitasking: Midwest Education Technology Conference Advisory Committee

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present past blending

Yesterday, in Nancy’s Promethean class, she showed the teachers how to layer photos on top of one another and then have them blend into one another- a cool trick, especially if you have a photo of a place in the past and a current picture of the same location. Look closely… what are some of the differences in the photos above (they have been taken about 100 years apart from each other)?

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Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis has a partnership with The Princeton Review to bring inexpensive, quality ACT prep to students through distance learning. For just $140, a student gets three practice tests, 20 hours of interactive instruction and access to online resources from The Princeton Review.


The registration deadline for the February test prep videoconference course is Friday, December 12, 2008. This is an interactive H323 videoconference where students meet in a classroom with the technology and connect to the instructor with the help of a v/c facilitator. For more info, click here.

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Scott Caulfield Vicki Cobb Nancy teaches Promethean

Over the last week or so we’ve had a lot going on here in the VLC! Scott Caulfield led MPUG in the tele; Vicki Cobb connected to Independence Elementary over videoconference; Nancy has been teaching Promethean applications to educators from the Riverview Gardens School District. We had two iTEAs, ITNA, and several more videoconferences. Up this (shorted week): more Promethean training, a Patricia McKissack videoconference, and an METC Advisory Committee meeting.

metcMidwest Education Technology Conference‘s Super Early Bird registration, which is the same price as if you were a Cooperating School Districts member, ends November 30. Early Bird registration, still a discount off the registration price, ends December 31. For a complete list of registration deadlines and prices, click here.

Remember, send a group of five (or more) from your school (district) and you can get a discounted rate, too.

We want to see you at METC this January!

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The Bad Plus performs (Jerroen, Flickr)

The Bad Plus performs

What does it mean to be a professional musician? How do you put a music group together and stay together? What are the struggles, the excitements, the ups, the downs? What’s the process used to compose your own music and to create unique cover versions of other musicians’ work? How do you determine what techniques and instrumentation work best? Join The Bad Plus on January 9, 2009 at 1 PM CST as they perform samples of their unique style of jazz music live from St. Louis, Missouri! Explore the creative process of composition and performance. Consider the concepts of technique, theme and improvisation. Ask about training, instrumentation and building a career as a professional musician. Learn about the cultural significance of jazz and enjoy the music! Cost for this RoundTrips videoconference is free. Register by January 2 at

Learning objectives for this videoconference from RoundTrips are:
1. The participant will explore the nature of the creative process and how to apply that process to their interests in music and other aspects of their life.
2. The participant will learn about techniques and instrumentation used in jazz music and hear and see examples of those techniques and instrumentations in practice.
3. The participant will gain a greater understanding of the impact and influence of jazz music in American culture and what it means to be a professional jazz musician.


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modot-mo-jpegJoin RoundTrips live on Monday, December 8 from Rolla, Missouri, and Macon, Missouri. Be part of the action as explosives expert Dr. Paul Worsey (Professor of Mining Engineering, Missouri S&T) and engineers Dennis Brucks and Brian Haeffner from Missouri Department of Transportation walk us through the process of bringing down the Glasgow Bridge (click here to see photos).

This free videoconference is the first of an ongoing series of programs that will occur throughout the 2008-2009 school year. During this series of programs entitled Project MO-Bridge: Connecting Students to Their Future your students will be able to learn what it takes to build a new bridge—from dream to design to construction to operation. Students will interact with experts in a wide variety of fields and learn how specific aspects of their science, social studies, and mathematics curriculum come to life in the construction of a new bridge.

Before that new bridge can be built, the old bridge needed to be removed to make way for construction of a new span connecting route 240 across the Missouri River.

Have your students interact with the engineers who will give us technical aspects of the destruction and rebuilding of the bridge. Ask your questions about what it takes to safely destroy one bridge so you can begin to build another. See video excerpts of the bridge coming down, and explosives demonstrations by Dr. Paul Worsey.

To sign up for this videoconference (target audience is grades 4 through 12), contact RoundTrips by December 2 at

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