Since our videoconferences with the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum were such a hit at last year’s Midwest Education Technology Conference, we’re bringing James Yasko back- virtually, that is, to St. Louis, MO from Cooperstown, NY. He’ll present two sessions during METC, which runs January 26-28, 2009. Here’s what METC participants who step up to the plate will learn about:

Economics | “You mean a hot dog only cost 10-cents in 1929, and a World Series ticket was just $5.50 in 1940?” The varying worth of money is the basis of this lesson for teaching students how baseball history reflects American economics since the early 20th century. During the interactive videoconference, students analyze the ever-changing value of a dollar.

Cultural Diversity | “For starting pitchers we have two Dominicans, one Italian, one Mexican, and one Japanese. In the bullpen we have a Venezuelan, a Mexican, a guy from the United States, and a guy from St. Louis.” Tommy Lasorda made this statement while managing the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1999. For over 100 years the game of baseball has created many opportunities for players from around the world – showing the “National Pastime” to be more culturally diverse than ever before. The melting pot of cultures within baseball, however, does not come without hardship. Racism, discrimination and cultural differences combine to make life difficult for players of all backgrounds. But the game takes on unique flavors worldwide as players, fans, and cultures come together at the ballpark, leaving many of their differences behind.

Why the BBHoF at an Education Technology Conference? Baseball is used as the platform to help students discover standards-based objectives in diverse topics like mathematics, geography, civil rights, women’s history, economics, industrial technology, communication arts, and more! Learning and artifacts abound in this hour long virtual visit to one of America’s premier education destinations. Choose any of the 16 thematic units and participate in a live, interactive videoconference lesson with a Museum educator. Last year, one participant noted of James’ session “good idea! Relevant material and a demo of tech!”

Can’t wait until METC to see a BBHoF v/c? You can sign your class up at:

Need to register for METC? Visit:

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