Great Google!

Cindy Lane is back from the Google Teacher Academy and she had an awesome time! The academy exceeded all her expectations. She reports she is in awe of what Google does- their mission, their philosophy- and thinks it is how we should all work- and play!

The academy was “fast & furious”: 12 hours each day that included breakout sessions and small group instruction, where 49 educators from all over the world learned Google applications from 9 presenters.

Cindy also learned a lot from her personal learning network– she Twittered with many of the other participants prior to the academy, and then of course, got to meet face to face, which was a real treat. They have and will continue to communicate online in various ways, including webinars and chat.

Cindy now working on her action plan, which is part of the academy’s requirements. I can’t wait for her to show us what she learned! The Virtual Learning Center excited that Cindy will be sharing her Google knowledge as a featured speaker at the Midwest Education Technology Conference in January 2009.

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