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New Resolution: Learn Photoshop Elements 4.0

Editing Digital Images Using Photoshop Elements 4.0
Wednesday, July 9 @ 9 am-4pm | $125 CSD member

In this one day tele workshop, learn from METC 2008 presenter Mike Butler the easy steps to enhance your digital images. Mike more than 10 years experience helping schools successfully integrate technology into their classrooms. You’ll take away your fear of editing using Photoshop Elements 4.0 during the course of this fun and informative class!

Techniques that Mike will cover include: 

  • Resize & crop image areas
  • Select appropriate resolutions for different image & output types
  • Select images areas using the Lasso, Marquee, and Magic Wand Tool
  • Optimize image resolution for email and web pages
  • Modify, retouch and prepare images for the web
  • Remove unwanted subjects from photos, add someone to a photo

Interested? Sign up today at Spaces are limited!


Movie-Making at CSD


Today was the final of three days in Movie-Making in the Classroom: Creating Digital Stories and Photo Essays (June 23, 24 & 26 in the tele). Martha & Stacey taught the class, and Karen Montgomery was on hand. Participants had their choice of using Windows MovieMaker (PC), iMovie (Mac), or PhotoStory 3 (PC) to create their movie.

Lesser’s offering More in 2008-09

Here is the rest of Carolyn Lesser’s 2008-09 interactive videoconference offerings through New Links to New Learning. For pricing on programs, contact Rebecca Morrison at CSD.

Custom-designed writing videoconference for educators and/or students… This program is offered to give the most flexibility to planners and educators.  Embedded in this program is total control over the content, the number of presentations, the issues and concerns most important to your district or schools, making your enrichment dollars pinpoint accurate at addressing your needs.  Collaborative planning is one of the riches of this custom planning as it brings the element of support and professional development for the efforts of educators concerning writing.  It is a real collaboration between educators and an author.  To view some of the possibilities, visit Carolyn’s website for presentation options.  

Writing Nonfiction Prose or Poetry…#1
Session #1…30 minute conference call from teachers to plan for students
Session #2…45 minute interactive presentation to students…assignment
Session #3…45 minute interactive reading/positive feedback to student work

  • Carolyn will choose writing topics appropriate for grade level
  • Students will participate in a professional nonfiction writing process
  • Teacher input is important…come to conference call with ideas
  • Carolyn engages students with enthusiasm for the nonfiction process

Writing Nonfiction Prose or Poetry…#2
Session #1…45 minute conference/call from teachers to plan for students
Session #2…60 minute interactive presentation to students…assignment
Session #3…60 minute interactive reading/positive feedback to student work

  • Specific writing topics chosen by teachers/students
  • Professional nonfiction writing process tailored & relevant to curriculum, teacher requests, goals
  • Teacher input/requests/goals discussed in the conference call
  • Added time for student questions following our work together
  • Carolyn brings inspiration & enthusiasm to each session

Custom add-ons to any series bring depth and relevance to students & staff~

  • Student/teacher handouts available thru e-mail/fax…  Cost: $65
  • Additional teacher sessions (before/interspersed/after) for teacher writing PD (per session)… Cost: $625
  • Additional student session to present revision…       Cost: $625
  • Additional student session to read revised work…    Cost:  $625
  • To read/critique hard copies of student work…        Cost: $400

test prep over v/c

Now that the school year is over, I think people are starting to this about next school year-  and for high school students and their parents-  about college prepCooperating School Districts’ New Links to New Learning offers both an ACT Prep Class and now a PSAT Prep Class, both over videoconference. Trained instructors from The Princeton Review conduct the course and CSD gets you connected to the course. For more info, contact Rebecca Morrison.

Here’s some info to think about:

  • Public Missouri high school students who completed The Princeton Review PSAT Clinic averaged of 12.1 pts higher on the PSAT, and the top 50% of student scoring 21.6  points higher, which is equivalent to an SAT scaled score increase of 216 points.
  • According to The Princeton Review, when students attend all of the sessions, take all of the practice tests, and complete all assigned homework, average ACT score improvement is three points. 

where did you go today?


Today was the Boundless Learning in Videoconferencing tele class. Districts represented were Hazelwood, Ritenour, Francis Howell, Normandy, and Parkway. During the day, participants learned about videoconferencing- everything from the equipment to programs to funding. We connected the class to three content providers– across town, across state, and across the country! Saint Louis University (AIMS), The Discovery Center in Springfield, and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY all provided v/c demos, sharing what they bring into classrooms. In addition to learning about different kinds of content offered, participants learned where to find programs and the best ways to schedule them. 

We told participants where to find free videoconferences (government agencies like Library of Congress and NASA). Multipoint versus point-to-point were covered, as was “upon request” and set times– common buzzwords. Participating teachers happened to be in New Links to New Learning districts, so we also shared what membership means. Of course, we gave them time ask questions, to click around the Moodle, to check various v/c content provider databases, and to skim all those v/c blogs out there!