METC 2009 Speakers

Cooperating School Districts is looking forward to having the following speakers at the Midwest Education Technology Conference to be held January 26, 27, 28, 2009. Technology Tools of Engagement – R U There?

One METC 2009 keynote is Will Richardson. Mr. Richardson is “Learner in Chief” at Connective Learning LLC (est. January 1, 2006). Mr. Richardson is known for his work with educators and students to understand and implement instructional technologies and, more specifically, the tools of the Read/Write Web into their schools, classrooms and communities.  In addition to Tuesday’s METC keynote address and breakout sessions, Mr. Richardson will conduct a full-day preconference workshop on Monday, January 26. For more info on Mr. Richardson, visit his blog, weblogg-ed

A featured METC 2009 speaker is Howard Pitler, Director of  Educational Technology Mid-continent Research for Education  and Learning (McREL). Prior to joining McREL, Mr. Pitler served as  both an elementary and middle school principal in Wichita,  Kansas.  He also served as an instructor on the staff of the  masters of educational administration program at Wichita State University. He has been active in technology education and leadership development for more than 20 years.  Mr. Pitler will conduct a full-day workshop- Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works. This METC workshop will discuss  ways to use technology with  Marzano’s Nine Instructional Strategies. For more information on Mr. Pitler, visit this website:

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