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I know the school year is ending and many are going on summer vacation! I just wanted to remind our readers that free videoconferences, from content providers like the Lee Richardson Zoo and NASA, fill up fast during the  school year. This is a great time to plan ahead and put  in requests for fall programming.

Also, during June and July, Cooperating School Districts is closed on Fridays. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CDT. The classes in the tele will also be Monday through Thursday, with most running 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Have a great summer!


iWant to learn more

Morrie Reece from Apple came in today to give the Virtual Learning Center staff a great tutorial on the updated iLife. Here are some snapshots of our professional development day in the tele:


During the course of the day, we put together podcasts, learned how to turn our iPhoto library into a published book, and how to create an iDVD. We also worked with PhotoBooth, GarageBand, iMovie, iWeb, and the Dashboard. Along with some cheerleaders, John Hodgman and Justin Long even made a brief appearance at the beginning of the morning. Just a day in our iLife!

Integrate Technology Tools in Your School

Cooperating School Districts has announced that registration is open for all St. Louis area educators (superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, librarians, media specialists, tech coordinators, & teachers) to attend the 2008-2009 TLA. TLA assists educators in developing knowledge & skills necessary to use technology as a tool for more effective & efficient leadership in their schools! 

During 48 hours of professional development in the Technology Leadership Academy, you will:

Focus on leadership skills in technology 
Improve classroom use of technology 
Develop a vision of how to utilize technology to improve student performance 
Assess strengths & needs of your staff/students in the area of technology as well as develop a practical & useful technology plan 
Expand your network of colleagues 

As a part of the academy, participants receive:
Palm T|X handheld computer with Bluetooth & Wifi + wireless keyboard
GoObserve software for the Palm (a classroom observation tool) 
Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works by METC featured speaker Howard Pitler, 
attendance at 1 day of the Midwest Education Technology Conference

Dates for the 2008-2009 school year are as follows:
Oct. 1   •Nov. 5   •Dec. 3   •Jan. 7   Jan. 27* (METC)   •Feb. 25 
Times: 8 am to 4 pm (breakfast & lunch included) | Cost: $1,200/person 

Training sessions take place in CSD’s tele on 1460 Craig Rd.- except for the METC* session- which is at the St. Charles Convention Center.  To register, go here.  P.O.’s and credit cards will be accepted.  Slots will fill up fast, and space is limited, so register now! If you have any questions, contact Martha Bogart at (314) 692-1258 or

Booking Up!

The Virtual Learning Center’s tele (technology enhanced learning environment) classes are filling up very quickly- Transforming Learning with a SMART Board on June 3 and Creating SMART Board Lessons to Engage & Motivate Students on June 4 are already full!

There are a limited spaces left in Teacher Timesavers: Free Online Resources on June 5; Using Digital Media in the Classroom (Featuring Google Earth) on June 9; Cross-Curricular Lessons Using Concept Mapping on June 10; and Transforming Learning with a Promethean Activboard on June 11. Sign up today to participate in these early June courses. Teachers from all over the St. Louis metropolitan area participate; bring a friend from your school, or network with other teaching colleagues from different districts. Remember, too, that graduate credit is available for many tele classes.

Courses in the second half of the month are Empowering Students with Podcasting; Differentiating Instruction with Discovery Streaming; Boundless Learning with Videoconferencing; Movie-Making in the Classroom: Creating Digital Stories and Photo Essays; and Online “Street Smarts:” Being Legal, Literate, and Secure. Tele questions? Call Joan Forrest at (314) 692-1259.

what are you doing this summer?

New Links to New Learning members, remember that  videoconferences are available all year! If you are teaching a summer school course, you can include videoconferencing in the curriculum. K-12 programs are out there- in any subject! Studying Shakespeare? Take your students to the Globe Theatre in London. Listening to students talk about the latest Cardinals‘ series? Cooperstown NY, and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum are just an IP address away! Learn about Diversity in the Dugout or The Business of Baseball.  Are your students interested in music, but you need to cover science and social studies? Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum. Videoconferences include Hip-Hop Technology: From Turntables to Computers and Rock & Roll Reactions: Records, Radios and the Birth of Teenage Culture in 1950s America.  There is a lot out there! Contact me for more ideas or suggestions.