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Being Legal, Literate, & Secure Online

Online “Street Smarts:” Being Legal, Literate, & Secure 
June 25 9 am-4 pm
$125 CSD member
; $195 non-member 
(One Graduate Credit Available)

Educators, what dangers lurk online for children? We teach them how to be safe within the physical community, but what about safety in the cyber community? During this all day tele class at Cooperating School Districts, learn the Internet Safety concepts of: Cyber Security, Personal Safety, Cyber Bullying and Cyber Predators.

Something to think about: do students know how to validate information found on the Web? Too often, information published on the Internet is viewed as truth, but is it really? Also, what about copyright? Do students have the legal right to copy and paste information from a website into their multi-media presentations and/or their own documents and websites? In addition to Internet Safety, learn the new grammar of the Web and how to:

  • Read URL web addresses to find their hidden meaning
  • Locate owners of websites
  • Evaluate the validity of a website
  • Investigate fair use as it applies to student-created digital documents

 Participants will learn about iSAFE‘s curriculum and the  modules available to them in the classroom. They will  create model lessons for their students that teach  Internet Safety, Literacy, and Intellectual  Property/Copyright. St. Louis area teachers, don’t miss  out on this opportunity! You can register at For a complete tele (that’s technology enhanced learning environment) class list, click here.


Vote Now!

New Links to New Learning members, don’t forget the Virtual Learning Center wants your feedback for the 2007- 2008 school year. Your input helps other educators select videoconferences! Listed here, in alphabetical order, are the five content providers CSD’s schools selected most often this year for videoconferences. We want you to choose your favorite of these top candidates! Please reply by this Friday, May 2, 2008. 

An Author’s Inspirations

Elementary classes from the Francis Howell, Clayton and Ladue School districts will connect for a one hour videoconference with author/illustrator Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw next week. The Virtual Learning Center is really excited to bring this St. Louis native into St. Louis schools. Jenny Sue will be talking with the students about her new picture book, My Travelin’ Eye – ‘ Jenny Sue’s eyes are different from other people’s eyes. Her right eye looks in one direction, while her left eye sometimes wanders. Jenny Sue has a travelin,’ lazy eye. Although it makes her different, it also helps her see the world in a special way. Here is a charming story about one very inspiring little girl.’ (see Author Visit on May 9, 2008

Now, here’s a bit about the author, by the author! 

 THE LITTLE YEARS. When I was little, I would sit in a box and draw pictures. Eventually, my studio expanded to my closet where I made up characters and neatly archived them in blue binders (including hundreds of made-up Smurfs). I would sit on the green shag carpet under hanging clothes with my older sister Renee sitting in her office on the far other end of the long, skinny closet. She wrote poems and said I could be her illustrator. My oldest brother Freddy and his friend Kevin Brimmer drew a lot, and I thought they were the coolest. I decided then that I’d always be an artist. When I was 8, I won my first art contest with a drawing of Santa Claus. I still remember the phone call—it was the first time I ever remember crying because I was happy…I find a lot of inspiration for my art and stories from my life: traveling+adventures, family+friends, my dog other pets, and memories.

 7 things I remember from my little years on Chatfield Drive, St. Louis, MO… 

1. The above mentioned box/my first art studio.
2. I had a Papa Smurf Doll that I LOVED. I remember giving him hundreds of beard trimmings til he had a charming five o’clock shadow and snowed tiny white beads
3. My dad had this awesome, huge swivel chair in his downstairs office, and my friend Tisa and I would take turns spinning each other til we had out of body experiences running upside down on the checkerboard ceiling.
4. My stylish green pants with the Polish embroidery and vertical ribbed lines.
5. My FAVORITE shirt: The Incredible Hulk.
6. Fighty + Gertrude, the 2 crawfish my sister Renee & I rescued from the live-well in my Dad’s bass boat in the garage. We kept them in a sherbert container and let them play on our driveway.
And 7. My thick glasses with the super springy frames sporting Bugs Bunny on the side.

Thanks for sharing and illustrating, Jenny Sue! Looking forward to next week!

What a Week!

 This was a busy week! The first half we were at the United States Distance Learning Association National Conference (USDLA). It was good to talk with folks from all over the world, especially those we interact with over videoconference frequently. Something that really stuck with me is that the challenges, as well as the benefits, of distance learning are nearly universal! 
 Moving on, mid-week, we had a two-hour evening videoconference. Wednesday night was MOREnet’s Internet Safety Night. Sites from all over the United States (55 over videoconference!) connected for a two hour videoconference on Internet Safety. Cooperating School Districts acted as a site in St. Louis. At the ISN website, you’ll find all sort of resources to educate yourself and your family on the importance of Internet Safety, and ways to implement it at home.

 Finally, today is our official one year ‘blogiversary’.  April 25th of last year was when we really got going with The Wired Classroom. In that year, we’ve posted 210 times with over 650 tags! We’re really excited to continue posting to the blog to update our readers about what is going on in the Virtual Learning Center. Thanks to those who take the time to read the blog. 

METC Call For 2009 Presenters

What tech tools do you use to reach and teach your students or staff?  Do you feel others would benefit from learning more about the technology tools used in your teaching?  Do you have a desire to share your creative and professional successes?

If you or a colleague can answer yes to the above questions, METC 2009 invites you to apply as a presenter for a breakout session or hands-on workshop. More than 1,500 attendees from across the nation are expected to participate including technology specialists, teachers, library media specialists, staff developers, administrators, instructional technology teachers, counselors, and information technology/network specialists.

Share how your most effective technology tool(s) directly impacts:

Student achievement  |  Transformation of instruction  |  Library media   Administrative leadership  |   Network infrastructure

METC topic strands are:
1.  1:1 Initiatives (One laptop/handheld/desktop per student)  “NEW”
2.  Curriculum & Instruction based on Assessment and Data
3.  Differentiated Instruction
4.  Digital Media
5.  Distance Learning (online learning, conferencing)
6.  Instructional Technology Integration
7.  Library Technology Integration
8.  Mobile Technology (Palm, MP3 Player, Cell Phone) “NEW”
9.  Technology Integration 101 – a primer on basic tech integration “NEW”
10.  Technology Leadership
11.  Technical & Networking
12.  Web 2.0 (Read / Write Web)

Select from seven types of presentation formats:
1. 30-min Best Practices for Classroom Integration mini-session
2. 50-min breakout session giving the attendees an overview or introduction of a topic
3. 1-hr and 50-min breakout session that addresses a topic more in-depth.  This will be conducted in two consecutive 50-min sessions with a Part 1 and Part 2. It may be a hands-on workshop BYOL (bring your own laptop).
4. Student Poster session for your students to showcase how they learn and what technology tools they use.
5. Student plus Teacher session (bring your students as your co-presenters).
6. 3-hr preconference workshop on the morning of Monday, January 26
7. 6-hr preconference workshop all day on Monday, January 26

You may submit a proposal using the METC Call for Presenter form or after May 15, use the online proposal form located at

For program updates, keynote and featured speakers, and online registration information, check the conference website at

Cooperating School Districts hopes to see you at METC 2009,
January 26-28 at the St. Charles Convention Center.