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 Visit with Author/Illustrator Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
A lazy eye can have its advantages—just ask Jenny Sue on May 9!
I’ll tell you more about it next week….!


Collaboration Request

This is an international videoconference collaboration request that has come from one of my middle schools.  I love the idea!  I hope Wydown is able to find a partner school…

Time – 8:30-10:00am CDT  /  Dates – Week of March 24, 2008 – Available April 14-28, 2008
‘I would like to speak with students in France about racism today – I’m thinking specifically against North Africans, who immigrate to France. Since the 7th graders are wrapping up their study of the Holocaust & WWII, I want to show them the movie Au revoir les enfants, which is about the French resistance, and then have a discussion with a school about the current status of racism in France.

Les élèves de Wydown Middle School à St. Louis, Missouri, cherchent un collège en France avec qui on peut parler du racisme qui existe en France aujourd’hui. Nous avons fait une unité du Holocauste et les juifs en France, et maintenant on veut parler avec les élèves français au sujet du racisme, spécifiquement contre les nord-africains. Les élèves américains ont 13 ans.

I’d like to do 2, 45-min conferences starting at 8:30am CDT and lasting until 10am CDT: Nous voudrions deux vidéoconférences qui commencent à huit heures trente (8h30) et qui durent 45 minutes (la deuximeme va commencer à 9h15).’

Wydown Middle School
6500 Wydown Blvd.
Clayton, Missouri 63105

attack of the butterflies (so to speak)

Butterfly Marionette About a year ago, I wrote about how dinosaurs were all the rage with videoconference requests. This year, we have butterflies.  Butterflies each spring always seem to be popular, but this year- wooo! My inbox is blowing up with requests for the Center of Puppetry Arts‘ videoconference on butterflies.  Teachers who have never done a videoconference before are e-mailing me!  It’s really great.  Another bonus: the Center for Puppetry Arts puts on excellent programs. What a great way to start off videoconferencing in your classroom.  The center provides a learning guide online, and gives the teacher a list of materials needed for the program beforehand. Very interactive, very fun! …and they book up fast!

Some details about the v/c:

GRADE: K-2nd     PUPPET: Butterfly Marionette     PROGRAM LENGTH: 45-50 minutes

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Each student will construct a Butterfly Marionette while participating in learning activities about the lifecycle of the butterfly, what makes a butterfly an insect, and coloring and camouflage. Video clips and photographs of the different stages in the life of a butterfly are included. This is a great arts and science lesson all in one! 

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March Author Visit with Lauren Myracle

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l8r_hmpg.jpg myracle-lauren-photo.jpg 13cover.jpg twelve.jpg

New York Times best-selling author Lauren Myracle will join three connecting middle schools live from Cooperating School Districts for a 1 hour videoconference March 31 @ 11 a.m. CT. This is a free event!  Teachers, if you’d like to sign up for a slot, please let me know by March 21, 2008.  Please limit group size to no more than 30 students at your site.  During the videoconference, Lauren will answer student questions about writing: coming up with characters, her inspirations, and the steps to becoming a published author. 

Lauren is the author of several novels, including L8R G8R, ttyl, Kissing Kate, Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen.   L8R G8R and Thirteen are her most recently published books.  According to her website, Lauren’s novels often focus on issues of popularity and social acceptance; this interactive author visit videoconference is aimed toward eighth graders.  

For more on Lauren and her books, visit:
Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Also Scheduled:
Sunday, March 30 at 2 p.m. ~ public reading & book signing at:
            The St. Louis County Library (Headquarters)
            1640 S. Lindbergh Boulevard
            St. Louis, Missouri 63131   (phone: 314-994-3300)