Connecting, Writing, Global Warming

 tarmigan_air.jpg starfish.jpg Author Carolyn Lesser connected today and will connect Friday to Linda Altoonian’s writing class in Arlington, Texas. Topic: global warming.  Carolyn and Linda have videoconferenced together, through CSD, for several years now and have formed a great friendship. 

Carolyn has customized a series of videoconferences for Linda, talking about global warming, in the form of a press conference.  Students will ask Carolyn a series of questions and from that interview process write an article, which they will then share with Carolyn on Friday, for her critique.  Carolyn takes a great deal of time to research any topic she will present on, and I saw the files she brought in for this presentation.  She has traveled extensively and has experiences in many of the places she talks about.  The students better be ready for a wealth of information!  I’ll let you know what Carolyn says about the videoconferences. If this is something you are interested in for your class, contact me at and we’ll get you connected, too.

4 thoughts on “Connecting, Writing, Global Warming

  1. What a great morning with the students in Linda’s journalism classes at Martin Sr. High School in Arlington TX!

    After our photographic research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, exploring writing techniques to put passion into topics and our show and take writing……….the students will write feature articles, send them to me via e-mail, I will comment on each, and we will meet again on Friday, to discuss their work.

    Kudos to all the students, Linda, and all the behind the scenes people in Arlington TX and CSD in St Louis that made our dazzling time together possible………..

    See you journalists on-camera on Friday…………I cannot wait to read your articles.



  2. From Linda Altoonian:

    The “Distance Learning Lab” is a unique opportunity for students to experience cutting-edge technology that they will undoubtedly encounter again in college and in their professional endeavors.

    The experience is also interesting because students can interact with “experts” in their field they would never meet otherwise. In this case, students talked with a published writer who had first hand experience with a topic that we had discussed at length during our Current Events discussion time–global warming.

    I decided to construct the experience in two sessions, one on each side of a writing class in the middle. I had the students create a list of five or six questions to ask during the “Press Conference.” The students processed the first lecture at home, decided on their writing topic, did research, and created their outline. Then they wrote their stories in class and emailed them for critiquing.

    The students were enthralled with the process and enjoyed Carolyn Lesser very much. They loved her visuals and her passion for the topic.

    This process allows me to teach multiple skills to my students in a unique and interesting way. They enjoy it, and so do I.

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