image001.jpg…well, almost. This week and next we have a handful of international programs taking place-St. Louis area students connecting experts and students in the United Kingdom and Egypt, respectively, over videoconference.

Lafayette High students are participating in Assertiveness Through Communication and Movement with Touch the Sky, Ltd. We’re really working forward to that v/c- it happens tomorrow. This is our first v/c with Touch the Sky!
Sperreng Middle, Wydown Middle and Parkway North are participating PULSE: The Arab World and the U.S. on different days. Sperreng participated in the Cultural Overview on the 4th; Wydown will do Religions of the Book on the 10th; Parkway North is doing Culture and Conflict on the 11th. Due to the high demand of this particular series, GNG had to limit how many times a school could participate! St. Louis schools always sign up for GNG programs- and quickly- so I imagine others across the country feel the same way.

Of course, the time differences have to be coordinated, but the connection details are all the same. This year and last we’ve really had a lot of international programs- it’s exciting!

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