To Establish Justice coming up

The Fact vs. Opinion videoconference dates for the 2008-09 school year are:
Teacher Session: February 17, 2009 @ 4 pm
Session I: March 3, 2009 @ 1 or 2 pm
Session II: March 17, 2009 @ 1 or 2 pm


Nonfiction Writing: Fact vs. Opinion with Arlene Zarembka, co-author of To Establish Justice with Pat McKissack Dates: Jan. 30 teacher 4-5 pm;  Feb. 13 student I 1-3 pm;  March 12 student II 1-3 pm
Teachers, this is a really wonderful videoconference series from New Links to New Learning– to learn more about the book, visit this link.  This book takes a look at the Supreme Court’s role in civil rights in the United States, discussing Native Americans, women, Japanese Americans and African Americans throughout the history of the country. This series is great for middle school and high school students; both authors participate, talking about the issues within the book and the writing of the book.Interested? Let me know! Each session is one hour- students meet at 1 OR 2 p.m. CST. My new e-mail address: The cost of the series is $400 for New Links members, $500 for non-members.

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