Inside the Artist’s Studio Upcoming v/c

Tony Tasset workJim and Tim at RoundTrips have a new Inside the Artist’s Studio videoconference entitled  All Things Must Pass with artist Tony Tasset.  Scheduled for November 14, there are two times the interactive videoconference is taking place- 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. CST. Tony will be live at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis County talking about his work.  Tony lives and works in Chicago, but an exhibit of his work, All Things Must Pass, is currently at the sculpture park.This videoconference is aimed for high school students; if you are interested in participating, let CSD know by Friday November 9th. MOREnet at the University of Missouri is bridging the event, so all participants need to be tested and validated with MOREnet.  

According to the exhibit description:  “From October 6, 2007 through January 13, 2008, Laumeier Sculpture Park will present an important solo museum exhibition by internationally-recognized artist Tony Tasset.  All Things Must Pass  will fill Laumeier’s indoor galleries and extend to our outdoor galleries with a new, commissioned, monumental outdoor sculpture.  The exhibition, the first to showcase Tasset’s work in St. Louis, will include selected works from the past decade, recent work, and new work.  A broad range of media typical of Tasset’s practice—video, photography, and a variety of approaches to sculpture will be featured.   Tasset frequently uses his environment, his family and himself as subject and inspiration.  His work, employing wisdom and wit, continuously contends with the trappings of modernism, postmodern theory, pop culture, and the human emotions associated with love, loss, frailty and beauty.  In recent work he has turned to the dual nature of his own existence—an urban artist/public figure as well as a suburban-father-with-garden.  Using this deeply personal source material, he creates objects and images that are at once ironic, earnest, and decidedly humanistic.  Tasset describes his work as an exploration of the “conflicts of the ego and the difficulty in expressing certain sentiments in a postmodern environment where truth is relative, and in a culture of consumption where emotion is a commodity.””

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