Mehlville Technology Fair

1357431341_6ce69084351.jpg Yesterday, Stephanie Madlinger and I went to the  Mehlville School District Technology Fair to share with  teachers, parents and board members what CSD-  specifically the Virtual Learning Center- does for  Mehlville schools. In our corner booth, I talked about  videoconferencing and New Links to New Learning, and Stephanie shared information on unitedstreaming. Teachers and parents alike were interested in hearing about the tele classes the VLC offers, as well as what kind of videoconferences schools connect to during the school day. Stephanie was able to tell teachers about the free unitedstreaming training the VLC offers monthly. I also shared with those who visited our booth that New Links members have an opportunity to come to tele classes for free- 3 teachers in a New Links district can come to 3 tele classes at no charge, as along as one of those classes is ‘Boundless Learning with Videoconferencing.’ METC  was also a hot topic, and several principals took information with them. Not only were Mehlville teachers present, but we spoke with educators from Affton and Fox. Stephanie and I were happy to be able to let people know about what we do- it was a good evening!

(thanks to Karen Montgomery of AT&T for snapping this photo of me- and Ruth (on TV))

1 thought on “Mehlville Technology Fair

  1. I agree it was a great evening. We had a good time talking to people about wireless communication and the iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who attended the event. I commend the Mehlville School District for planning the technology fair as well as inviting technology folks from other districts.

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