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Monthly Archives: September 2007

ACT class

Princeton Review instructor

The ACT v/c class started this week- considering we have six schools connecting to CSD for 2+ hours at time, we’re doing pretty well!  We’ve had a couple techie hiccups- two schools in one district are both participating, and sometimes they have dueling bandwidth.  We have a couple delays in connection- in part because incorrect IPs were listed- so remember to always double-check confirmations from the bridge- so important.  On one hand, it is a relief to know the reason why you can’t connect is simply because the IP is not right, but on the other hand… you can’t connect because you’ve got the wrong IP!  All in all, it’s going well.  The registration for the next class ends October 5– we’ve barely started this one and we have to move on to the next…

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Kelley Simers demos Promethean Kelley Simers visited with the VLC Instructional  Technology Team (ITT) sharing a  demonstration of the  Promethean Activboard. This board is similar to the  SMARTboard that many of our member districts own.  The purpose of the demo was to  increase awareness,  as well as provide additional support and professional  development to our area schools in the future. Each VLC member was able to try the Activote, a wire-free, hand held voting device for teachers to use with the board. The ITT was also allowed the chance to try the Activslate, interactive wire-free mini board that allows the user to stand in a different position around the room to use the board. Kelley also shared the many resources teachers can use with the board. The VLC was excited to learn more about yet another technology that is helping to improve teaching, and ultimately student learning.

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 CSD is going to participate in MOREnet’s upcoming Internet Safety Night. Dozens of sites across Missouri- across the country- will connect. Participants will listen to featured speakers discuss issues like online predators, identity theft and cyber-bullying. Parents and educators are welcome to participate. CSD‘s large conference room will be one site in St. Louis; please RSVP to me at by October 19th for the October 23rd event. The videoconference will run from 6:30-8:30 pm CT.

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For more info on tele classes, visit:

Classroom Projects Using Digital Cameras
Nov. 7 & 8 4-7pm
$109 CSD member; $169 non-member

In this two-part class, teachers will learn about the basics of using digital cameras and photography in the classroom. Come learn the parts of the camera, its basic operation, and possible activities that you can use with your students. Find out what can be done with digital images—how they can be enhanced, manipulated, and changed using basic photo editing software. Also explore the possible uses of cell phone cameras and free applications like Flickr. Gain information about how to integrate images into lesson plans and classroom activities. Participants will be encouraged to develop a lesson that incorporates the use of digital images. Bring your own camera and photos, or borrow from us!

Creating Technology-Rich Lessons to Increase Student Achievement
April 2, 9, 16, & 23 4-7pm
$259 CSD member; $389 non-member

This four-part workshop is for people already familiar with “surfing the Net” but unsure about how exactly to use it and other technologies such as Microsoft Office applications in their classes. The focus of the workshop will be to help you create an entire lesson plan from lesson objectives and assignments to teacher and student support materials, all the way to a scoring guide for technology projects. Get tools and a model for technology integration in your  classroom.

• Learn to use Internet search strategies for you and your students

• Find lesson plans on the Web to use or modify

• Store websites in a free location on the web

• Create “tracks” of approved websites for students

• Learn the “grammar” of the web

• Create quizzes online

• Create worksheets for use online by students

• Create assignments that require students to use
word-processing, PowerPoint & web pages

• Create your own PowerPoints for use in introducing a lesson

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Teachers are asking me about the virtual tour of Riverbluff Cave – at nearly 1 million years old, it is one of the oldest caves in North America. This preservedice-age environment is so fragile that only a few highly trained scientists are allowed to enter. One of these scientists, Matt Forir, the cave’s lead paleontologist, will host this virtual tour to allow students a unique glimpse into prehistoric life. Students will observe stunning cave formations and artifacts such as a bear bed, animal tracks and fossils, plus they’ll be able to interact with Matt, learning real-world applications for the research and discoveries in the cave.Riverbluff Cave is also the only known cave that is connected to the information superhighway. Thanks to MOREnet and a crew at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO, there is a fiber-optic network connection that allows real-time videoconferencing and video streaming  capability from the cave over the MOREnet network. Cool!If that can be done, it makes you wonder why you sometimes lose a cell phone signal!The question I have been getting is cost- and the answer is this videoconference is FREE. The v/c will take place November 7- in the morning for elementary/middle schoo students, in the afternoon for high school students. New Links members, contact me if you are interested. Otherwise, you can get info from MOREnet. The deadline to sign up is October 26- I’m sure spaces are limited!

boeing-4.jpgTuesday, September 18, a group educators from the St. Louis area schools connected to author Mike Schmoker over videoconference as part of a generous grant from Boeing.  Mike’s based in Flagstaff, AZ and the author of Results Now.   Educators were in small groups and collaborated together as they followed Mike’s guidance over the videoconference.  Later this school year, the participants will actually get to meet the man they’ve only seen over v/c! The following day, Wednesday, the monthly ETA meeting was held here at CSD.  eta-1.jpgIt’s really wonderful to have educators from all over St. Louis come together to network and share in professional development.eta-2.jpg(thanks to Stephanie Madlinger for taking these photos & sharing; Stephanie is the CSD liason for ETA, if you have questions about the group)

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We had our first Mental Health Series PD session earlier this week and it was awesome! Lynne Lang from BJC connected to a great group of educators in El Paso, Texas and talked about forgiveness.  It was a really interesting program and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback on it!  This is the first v/c in a series of programs on Mental Health issues.  If you want your school to sign for future programs, we’d love to  include you! They are an hour long and include question and answer sessions.


Here’s Ashton Graham’s blog- talking about their participation-

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